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I'm BACK!! ^_^~ How are you all!? If you follow me on my social media you'd know that I just finished my HSC and I'm finally FINISHED with high school!! YAY! Now I just have to worry about my results when they come out in a few months lol! Praying that I get into my course >_<!!~
Hope you've all been well and here's an overdue review that I was meant to post up a long time ago but obviously didn't have the time!!! I've been wanting to try this product out for so long so when Winterblush Australia contacted me, I was pretty happy to review this. This contains 100% of my own opinions :) 

Brand: Nature's Republic
Name: Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera
Price: $7.80
Weight: 300mL 
Shade: - 
Where to purchase: WinterBlush
 Description: "A gel like texture made from aloe vera extract to keep skin feeling smooth and relaxed all day long. This product has a variety of uses." - Winterblush

So if you're really into Korean makeup and skincare you would've most definitely, heard about this miracle Aloe Vera soothing gel that many people have raved about. If you didn't know Aloe Vera has many properties that does wonders to your skin supposedly! Aloe Vera has healing properties and its also suuuuper hydrating because it's made up of 99% water. Also, it helps to increase elasticity of the skin through collagen repair. Many claim that it helps acne and soothe redness because it reduces inflammation. Anyways, now that you've learnt a bit more about Aloe Vera, I'll get on with how the product works. 

When I went onto the Winter Blush website, I found out that there are apparently 8 different ways in which you can use this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. If you want to see the picture, you can head over to the site here but essentially, the eight methods includes: 

  1. Moisturising Cream 
  2. Base makeup 
  3. After Shave Cream (Yes, men can use this too ^^) 
  4. Hair Treatment 
  5. Relax Swollen eyes (HSC got me spending a month without decent sleep so I was gifted with some amazingly dark under eye circles T_T Lucky this product came in handy!)
  6. Nail Essence 
  7. Body Care 
  8. Mask Pack for Sunburns (For all you ladies out there who like to tan! Using this afterwards helps to prevent and soothe sunburns!!) 
But really, I've only tried using this as a moisturising cream, to relax swollen eyes, nail essence and as body care! 

First things first. When I received this package I had no idea how BIG this soothing gel was. It contains 300mL and I really thought this could last me a life time at first lol! It's packaged in a pretty green container with a picture of Aloe Vera! It is quite sturdy but I wouldn't recommend this for travelling because it's bulky and it's made of plastic meaning it could  explode in your luggage when thrown around! When I opened this, another thing that I noticed was a really strong fragrance. I've never actually smelt a real Aloe Vera Plant before but I'm assuming this is how Aloe Vera is meant to smell like. If you're not a fan of fragrances, I'd say pass on this product but if you're like me who doesn't really mind, then you should definitely try it out because after awhile I got pretty addicted to the smell. 

It looks like a clear gel and one criticism that I have with this product is that it doesn't come with a spatula so I've been sticking my hands in this container for the longest time. Who know how contaminated this has become!! But other than that, this Aloe Vera Gel is super lightweight and when you put it on the face it's so easy to apply on the skin - feels so refreshing (sounds like i'm exaggerating but seriously this smells amazing). It feels kind of gooey when you scoop it out of the container but after you massage it into the skin, it absorbs into the skin really quickly, leaving the skin feeling kind of velvety but not sticky. I usually like to use two layer on this aloe vera gel because one layer isn't moisturising enough. I started using this gel during winter so it meant that my skin is a lot drier than usual and just using this gel alone was not moisturising enough. I like to add my cetaphil lotion along with this gel to keep my skin feeling extra hydrated. Also, even though it says that you can use it as a body care, i feel like it didn't do much to help my extremely dry legs so I kind of gave up and went back to using Sorbolene as my body moisturiser. And in terms of nails and hair treatment, it really didn't help my damaged hair and my nails didn't feel very different after using this treatment. 

Overall, I'm not super impressed with this product because it's not as moisturising as I hoped and to be honest, i didn't see much of a difference with my acne which was what I was really hoping that this gel would help me with. The redness was reduced but only by the slightest bit. I was also quite dissapointed about the fact that even though it claims to be a hair and nail treatment it didn't do much. However, moving away from the criticism lol, I actually quite like the smell of this product after awhile and i like the refreshing sensation that it gives me. Another thing is that a few weeks ago, I had a pretty serious allergic reaction on my neck and even though this didn't really help reduce the allergy, it helped to soothe my skin to make it less itchy. So if you have sensitive skin or have eczema, this can really help to soothe and make the skin less itchy by hydrating the skin. 

Verdict ♥

Packaging:  ♥  ♥ 
 / 5 
I really like the colour of the container but it's really bulky and not travel friendly. I also don't like how it doesn't come with a spatula so it's pretty unhygienic (I cringe every time i use it hahah someone find me a spatula >,<) 

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
♥ / 5  
I'm so surprised at how cheap this Aloe Vera Gel is! It only costs $7.80 and for a huge container, i think it's great value! 

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
As I mentioned before, I'm dissapointed that it didn't help with acne because I read a lot of reviews that says that claimed that it helped a lot. And also although it's soothing, it isn't moisturising enough to use alone during winter. I encourage you to mix it up with a bit of other lotions to keep your skin hydrated! 

  • Smells Good! 
  • Cheap
  • Lasts a long time 
  • Soothes the skin (Especially if your skin tends to get itchy a lot, this will help!) 
  • Absorbs quickly without leaving stickiness 
  • Bulky Packaging 
  • Unhygienic - doesn't come with spatula 
  • Doesn't help acne prone skin 
  • Not moisturising enough to use as a product alone 
Hope you all enjoyed this weeks review on the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera gel review and hope it was helpful!! Leave a comment down below and tell me if you've ever tried this product before and did it work for you? Maybe my skins just really hard to please ._. Since I've finished my exam, I'm back to my regular blogging schedule so a new post every Saturday! 

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Have a nice week! Love you all!! 

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