Lioele Pop Tints Review ♥

Hi Everyone!! 

I usually upload posts on Saturdays but a few days ago i received these lip tints in my mail box and i couldn't wait to share it with you guys and post the giveaway as well! 

Lately, I've seen a lot of posts about lip tints from different brands like Lioele, Etude house and Tony Moly and i decided to buy some to try out to see what everyone was raving about! I was originally going to try the Etude House lip tints but these were cheaper and the packaging really reminded me of the Benetints that i always see in stores, so it was a really cute dupe! 

I actually originally ordered the Lioele Orange Tint and Pinky Tint but the online store i got it from sent me the cherry tint instead. I was going to send it back but figured that it would've taken too long so might as well just try the bold colour! 

Firstly i have to say that the packaging is soo adorable! It's like a nail polish but its a lip tint! 
It's funny because the packaging of the orange tint and the cherry tints are different. The cherry tint uses a transparent container whilst the orange tint doesn't. 

The consistency of both tints are also quite different. The Cherry Tint is more runny and dries a lot quicker, whilst the orange tint is a bit more creamy, thicker and more wet. 

Comparing Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C & Collagen Toner ♥

Hi Everyone!! 

Toner is an important part of everyone's skin routine because it helps to minimise the appearance of pores as well as tightening the skin. I never used to use toners until my skin became really bad and i realised how much a toner can help to improve the appearance of my skin.  I used to go for regular drugstore brands such as Nivea, Neutrogena and Dove toners, because they had special ones for clearing acne and blackheads. However because those ones contain a lot of alcohol it would always irritate my skin and didn't do much to improve my complexion. So last year i turned to Korean and Japanese toners for my skincare routine and the first one that caught my eye when i was shopping on was the Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C toner. 

I heard great reviews about it online and from Bubzbeauty and it was much better than regular drugstore brands. However when i ran out of it eventually, i purchased the collagen toner from YesStyle because they didn't sell the vitamin C one. This post will be comparing the two toners and at the end I'll tell you which one i like better :) 

This one is the Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Moisture Toner which costed $18 on

Directions: After cleansing, saturate cotton with Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Moisture Toner and apply on face.

This one is the Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner. I purchased it from Sasa for around $14.90

Directions: After toning, apply an appropriate amount on face until fully absorbed.

[REVIEW + UPDATE] NEW Bubbi Eye Brushes + Face Brush Updates Pt. 2 ♥

Hi Everyone! 

One of my first posts on my blog was the Bubbi Face Brushes Review and I've finally got around to writing the Eye Brushes review, so sorry for the long wait hehe :P And also because it's been so long since the last Bubbi Brush review, I've decided to do an update as well on the face brushes :) Also, i borrowed a camera off my sister so the photo quality will be a lot better than before ^_^

During these months, i've kind of abandoned the travel case that came with the brushes because i store my brushes in a container that i bought from Daiso a few weeks ago! However, if i ever do go on holidays, it would be a great way to protect the brush bristles. 

It only costed $2.80 and i think it's a quite pretty container! It's just big and long enough to hold the whole set of brushes ! Cosmetics Haul ♥

Hi Everyone!

Today's haul is from, which I'm sure many of you have probably already heard of! I used to love looking at all the stuff that YesStyle sells but I hadn't bought anything there before because their shipping fees to Australia was just too expensive. So i'd usually choose alternatives to buy similar products such as Sasa and eBay. However, starting from two months ago, they began to have free shipping on all orders made on their website so I quickly hopped on and bought a couple of things. 

I actually made this order a month ago so i don't really remember how long it took for the package to arrive, but it was approximately 3 weeks. Everything came in a big white box with on it and all the items were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. Altogether I bought four things including: 

1. Skin 79 - Super Plus Beblesh Balm (VIP Gold BB Cream) SPF 25 PA++ [40g]
AUD- $18
2. Ponds - Flawless White Ultra Luminous Night Treatment [50g]
AUD - $18 
3. Laneige - Power Essential Skin Refiner_EX
AUD - $20 
4. SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist
AUD - $18

Onto the Haul... ♥ (Full reviews will be coming later) Cosmetics Haul Part 1 ♥

Hi Everyone! 

So in one of my previous posts I mentioned that I really like shopping online at a Korean Cosmetics shop called W2Beauty. Well, recently I found another online cosmetics shop which was very similar to W2beauty called Jolse. As I looked around their online shop, i found that they sold many Korean cosmetics at a really low price and they provided free shipping and lots of free gifts for every order made! They also have this program where when you first sign up for an account you get a free 300 points which is equivalent to a $3 voucher which you can use on your first purchase! All these things really drew me in and i decided to try it out and see how their services were. offers free shipping for all orders however i decided to pay an extra $3 so that i could track my order and make sure that i had some kind of insurance. So the package came pretty quickly but slower compared to the W2beauty order. Overall it took 19 days to arrive which i was very happy about! 

Ordered on Saturday 14th September 2013
Shipped on Monday 16th September 2013
Arrived on Thursday 3rd October 2013

Once again, when I unboxed the package i was overwhelmed by how many free samples they gave me! As i mentioned in my last haul post, sometimes i enjoy receiving samples rather than the package itself. Altogether they gave me 8 samples ranging from different brands and a mixture of both cosmetics products and skin care products.