[REVIEW] Maybelline Nude Airfoam Foundation

Hi everyone! 

 I'm back with a review on the Maybelline Dream Nude Foam Foundation. I've been using this foundation for over a year now and i really wanted to review this product because i have to say, of all the foundations i've used over these year, this is definitely my HG foundation product.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical when i first saw this product because i remember seeing a similar product from maybelline review from Bubzbeauty here and she was pretty dissapointed with the product. The bit where she said the foundation would oxidize during the day really put me off buying the product. However it was on sales at Target and i couldn't help but try a bit on my hand. It rubbed on really evenly on the back of my hand and i could see that a little product goes a long way so I ended up buying it since it was only like $10 on sales. I really had nothing to lose (Unless the product went wrong...).

Product claims: 
So onto the product claims:

[REVIEW] Hair Extensions

Hello Everyone, 

Hair extensions have been quite popular in the recent few years and I've always wanted to try, however a lot of the popular brands are quite expensive (ranging in the $150-$200) and i only really wanted to try it out for fun. So I looked around at eBay and found a cute set of synthetic extensions from a seller for only $5.09 AUD. I was so excited and immediately bought it. 
The package comes with one set of hair extensions with five clips that are attachable to your head. Colourwise, you can choose from black, dark brown, blonde or light brown. I originally wanted to pick light brown but decided to buy the dark brown instead because its always better to have your hair darker than have extensions that are one or two shade colours lighter (making it look fake). The seller was very fast with the postage and came around in around a week (which i was quite happy about).

 Here's a photo of what my hair looks like before and after extensions:

OOTD - Casual day out with Friends

Heyy everyone!! 

It's been raining for the past week here in Australia and the sun only came out a few days ago. I really hate Winter because it's just SO hard to pick a good outfit. I was just going over to a friends house and it took me pretty much the whole night and morning to pick this outfit! I was contemplating on wearing jeans but i wanted to wear my Docs so i chose a black skater skirt instead :) 

In this OOTD: 

Black Skater Skirt from Ice Design - On Sale $9.99
Cream Knitted Jumper from Hong Kong (Actually my sister's, so i don't know what store it was from, but i'm pretty sure you can find a similar one from TEMT or Valleygirl) 
Blue studded collar shirt from Target - On Sale $9.99 

Actually really loving my Doc Martens which i got from Surfdome for around $120 AUD

This was a really quick post, I'm hoping to post more often since I'm on holidays so yay :) 
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