Review | Heimish Dailism Water Drop Lip Tint #Mild Day ♥

As promised in my last StyleKorean haul post, today's review will be on the Heimish Water Drop tint which I've been raving a lot about recently! Heimish is a Korean brand that recently launched a few months back and I first heard about this through a beauty vlogger on Youtube, Meejmuse! They have a range of beauty products and I'll definitely be checking out more products later because I really love this lip tint! Without further ado, lets get into the review! 

Haul | StyleKorean Beauty ♥

In today's post, I'll be sharing with you guys some things that I recently received from StyleKorean. If you guys haven't heard of StyleKorean before, it's basically a Korean online store that sells a whole bunch of Korean beauty products with international shipping. They often do lots of promotions with their brands and so I would encourage you guys to check that website out if you're looking to buy Korean makeup or skincare products at an affordable price. Keep reading if you would like to see what I got in this beauty haul :)

Review | Flat Tummy Tea ♥

Hi everyone,

Today I have something a bit different on my blog. I'm going to be reviewing a cleansing tea which many of you would have probably seen on social media called Flat Tummy Tea. This tea is made from natural ingredients that works to reduce bloating and increase your metabolism so that you can keep your tummy flat. 

What is bloating and why does it suck? 
Bloating happens when there is a build up of gasses in your digestive system which leaves you with a very uncomfortable feeling and often makes your tummy stick out like you've gained a lot of weight. Bloating is temporary however sometimes it may be difficult to get rid of this and make you feel sluggish. Flat Tummy Tea helps to get rid of this problem and also boosts your metabolism so you feel more energetic. P.S. this is NOT a weight loss tea so don't buy this thinking you'll becoming super skinny after drinking this. This tea is only designed for reducing bloating and making you feel more energetic/less sluggish!!