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Hey Everyone,

My name is Fifi and you probably would've know by now! I'm just your typical 17 year old teenage girl from Sydney Australia who loves everything to do with makeup, fashion and anything beauty related. I enjoy blogging about beauty and fashion and its just something that i love to do as a past time ♥ 

Was definitely inspired by Youtubers like Bubbi, Michelle Phan, Weylie, Heart, Shantea, Lili and Jen to start this beauty blog and I hope that one day more people will read my blog and become inspired by the things i post as well ^^ 

Enjoy browsing my blog, most of the time you'll find me hauling beauty products, reviewing them or trying out new clothes and sharing it with you guys! I upload every week on Saturdays and don't forget to hit the follow button on the side there ♥ Come Join my beauty adventure! 

Update | Skin Profile: 
I realised I've never really mentioned what type of skin I have so here it is :) 

Skin Type:

- Combination
- Oily on nose and areas around the nose but dry patches on cheeks and chin
- Acne Prone

- Lots of hyperpigmentation/acne scars :(
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Foundation Shade: I'm an NC37, yellow undertone 


All content written and published here on Beautifyinglifee is All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy any of the content from this blog without my permission. If you would like to use my photos for any purposes feel free to enquire first either by emailing me at beautifyinglifee@hotmail.com or through any of my social media links. 

All opinions on this blog are 100% honest regardless of whether the post is being sponsored or whether the product that I am reviewing is a press sample sent to me. Majority of products on this blog are purchased by myself unless stated otherwise. 
 ALL PHOTOS ON THIS BLOG ARE TAKEN BY ME (unless stated otherwise) so please don't just take them from my blog and use it as if it's yours! If you want access to my photos please just kindly message me to let me know. 


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