OOTD | Styling Chiffon Shirt ♥

Hello my beautiful readers, 

I'm on a roll with these OOTD posts haha, I'm hoping that you guys enjoy these because it's different to my usual makeup related posts ^_^ I'm trying to start incorporating more fashion posts in my blog rather than focus on makeup reviews all the time. 

So the previous OOTD was my outfit when i went to a birthday dinner with my family and this time this outfit was for a birthday dinner with my friends. When i saw this really pretty lake I couldn't help but capture some photos and thank you again to Zabrina and Selena for helping me out hehe :) 

Benefit Cosmetics Haul ♥

Hihi Everyone ♥ 

It's actually been quite awhile since my last haul. Did you miss them? :P 

Anyways, about two month ago, I received this Benefit Cosmetics package which I had ordered after my trip to Hong Kong and surprisingly it arrive soo quickly! Like I read so many reviews about the US Benefit Cosmetics website and most people said that the package took around 3 weeks to arrive but mine only took two! Anyways I did buy a few things just so that i could get to the $125 for free shipping. In Australia, as you all may know, the prices for cosmetics is pretty ridiculous. A Benefit box powder here costs $51 but on the Benefits website it only costs $28. So i'm not trying to brag in anyway, just sharing this information with my fellow aussie readers and letting you know that if you want to buy Benefit Cosmetics, buy it online because it will help you save a whole heap! :) And you get access to newer products quicker too, for example, i bought the Benefits porefessional Agent Zero Shine online and when i received it (which was mid February), Benefit Australia only decided on a launch date for it which was at the end of February. We're always so slow with everything ahaa. 

Placed order: Saturday 25th January 2014
Order Shipped: Tuesday 28th January 2014 
Order Arrived: Thursday 6th February 2014

OOTD | Dinner Out Floral Dress ♥

Hi everyone!! :) 

Because many of you guys really liked my previous OOTD post which you can check out HERE, I decided to upload another OOTD. Hope you all enjoy this hehe! 

Oh and before i get onto the post, can you guys please do a huge favour for my friend, Wendy! She's trying to enter a fashion contest so it would be amazing if you could vote for her HERE. Thank you so much ♥ 

♥ YOLO ♥ Choies Fashion Wish List! ♥

Hi everyone! 

Today I'm back with another wishlist from a website that I'm not sure if you've heard of before called 'Choies'. If you're a girl (or a boy) who loves fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, shoes and jackets that are instyle, then Choies will be the perfect place for you! They are an online store that sells everything that i mentioned about plus more! In this post, I really want to share with all of you guys everything on the store except obviously i wouldn't be able to, so I will share my current wishlist from them instead. I hope you guys like reading these posts because I personally really like to read posts about other peoples fashion or beauty related wish lists too hehe. 

Before i start, just wanted to let you know that if you go onto their website now to register, you'll immediately get 15% off your first purchase and also a $15 points when you place your first order! :) 

Anyways, lets get onto my wishlist! 

Black Game On Skater Dress 

As always with my wishlists, dresses are the first things that I look for because I'm really girly so i love anything that is flowy. Theres a saying that every girl should own a little black dress. Currently i only own one except I think that dress is only suitable for clubbing so when I came across this dress I immediately had to add it to wishlist! I'm really inlove with how it looks so cute and elegant from the front, with an attached necklace, and then you turn to the back and it's like a little surprise at the back! I think its really sexy and would be great for any occasions and would look nice with a cute cardigan if it gets a little chilly. It's only $36.64 which is pretty reasonable because if you buy a dress like that at a shop like Valleygirl or Supre it would cost a similar price. If you're a huge fan of this dress too feel free to check it out HERE and add it to your cart hehe.