Haul | Urban Outfitters Makeup ♥

Hi Beauties, 

Hope you're all doing very well - my week has been pretty awesome filled with shopping adventures all day every day since I'm FINALLY FREEEEE from all exams :)) 
Whoever said uni was going to be a breeze was definitely lying. Freshly graduated year 12 students next year will be very surprised at seriously how different high school is to uni. On the good side - you do meet a lot of new people through various courses and what's better than having uni in the city all the time with access to yummy food :~) 

Anyways, as I mentioned in a few posts back, I'm so happy I've found uni friends that have the same common interest as me and love to buy makeup as well! Recently, I was casually scrolling around Urban Outfitters and spotted two things that I really wanted to buy but if you've been on their website before, you'd know that free shipping is only available for those who spend over $50USD. So I went ahead and asked my friends if they had anything they wanted to me to buy as well so we could all enjoy the perks of free shipping. And this is all the makeup goodies we ended up with. If you would like to know more about the things my friend and I bought, keep reading til the end :) 

Review | FreshFlower.com Australia ♥

Hey everyone!

Hope your week has been going well! Today's review is slightly different to what I usually do here on my blog because it's a review on an online flower shop called FreshFlowers.com.au.

So if you have special events coming up, friends/family birthdays or you just want to find a convenience place online to purchase flowers in Australia, Fresh Flowers is the place to go. Read on if you want to find out about how my experience went.

Review | Hair Cut at Black Cat Studio feat. Groupon ♥

Hey Everyone!! 

Last week I mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut because my hair was getting longer than I want and needed some styling. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of Groupon before but it's a site where you can buy discounted coupons for almost anything you can think of - from food, to healthy & beauty to lifestyle coupons. Recently I bought a groupon for a haircut at Strathfield's Black Cat Beauty Studio that only costed $49 for Wash, Cut, Style and Colour! How good was that deal!? I decided to blog about my experience so you guys can see how everything was and turned out. If you're interest in knowing more, keep reading on :) 

Mini Haul | Mecca Maxima ♥

Hey beauties! 

I hope you've all had a fablulous week! This week my friend and I did some major make up exploring in the city and spent almost 2 hours in Mecca Maxima QVB and Sephora Sydney. Yep, that's how much fun we had. My friend was looking to invest into a good blush, bronzer and highlighter so we went around testing almost every face palette that existed LOL. In the end, she settled with the Hourglass ambient blush in incandescent electra and I went home with a couple of things from Mecca (as well as an empty wallet) *-*

SO if you would like to see what I got from Mecca, keep reading on :) 

June Wishlist | End of Financial Year Sales + Tips to save $ ♥

Hello everyone!! 

As we enter the month of June and July it means that end of financial year sales are around and being able to go shopping during this one month break is definitely one of the perks of being in uni!! One thing that I've discovered being a student in uni is that I've definitely spent a whole lot more money on things such as food, makeup, clothes and much more, just because I'm in the city almost every day of the week and it's pretty hard not to walk into shops that are so convenient and literally just around the corner. I've also done a lot of damage to my wallet through my online shopping addiction. SEND HELP!?

A thing that I've learnt from online shopping however is TO LOOK FOR COUPON CODES BEFORE YOU BUY! Because you never know, there's always coupons that are hanging around on the internet waiting to be used and you could really save A LOT of money through doing this. If you would like to find out where I find the best coupon deals for various online stores, continue to read on :) 

Today, I'm here to show you (a small portion of) my wishlist of the things that I've set my eyes on recently! Hope you all enjoy this second post of the week to make up for my blogging hiatus ! :) 

These boots are no doubt at the top of my wishlist at the moment! In Australia, we recently entered Winter which means that it's time to whip out the good old boots! Except i have NONE. Well, at least not any fashionable ones. These ones are so damn gorgeous by Lipstik shoes, called Eamon Boots. They're black, chunky heeled boots and they're seriously so cute and go with any outfit that I've seen on instagram.

Monthly Favourites | May ♥

Hey Everyone!!! 

I know it's been AGESSS BUT I JUST WANT TO ANNOUNCE THAT I'VE SURVIVED MY FIRST UNI SEMESTER *throws party*!!!! (Well, I haven't really finished the sem since i still have two upcoming exams but still! No more lectures and tutorials because I'm on Study Vacation week! :)) Which means I should be taking this time wisely to study but really i'm using this time to catch up on blogging hehe). 

Anyways, it was only after reading Shiwashiful's blog that it hit me that we are already half way through the year!? How weird and fast has 2015 gone! Pretty crazy hey? 

Today I decided to take break from studying so I'll be sharing with you guys my May monthly favourites! Hope you all enjoy this post and I promise I'll be updating my blog more regularly now that I have more time before exams :) 

Now that I'm in uni, I've actually been using a lot more makeup as compared to when I was in high school. So these products that I'm about to show you guys have been things that I've been using regularly and very sure that they're products that work very well!