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Hi Beauties, 

Hope you're all doing very well - my week has been pretty awesome filled with shopping adventures all day every day since I'm FINALLY FREEEEE from all exams :)) 
Whoever said uni was going to be a breeze was definitely lying. Freshly graduated year 12 students next year will be very surprised at seriously how different high school is to uni. On the good side - you do meet a lot of new people through various courses and what's better than having uni in the city all the time with access to yummy food :~) 

Anyways, as I mentioned in a few posts back, I'm so happy I've found uni friends that have the same common interest as me and love to buy makeup as well! Recently, I was casually scrolling around Urban Outfitters and spotted two things that I really wanted to buy but if you've been on their website before, you'd know that free shipping is only available for those who spend over $50USD. So I went ahead and asked my friends if they had anything they wanted to me to buy as well so we could all enjoy the perks of free shipping. And this is all the makeup goodies we ended up with. If you would like to know more about the things my friend and I bought, keep reading til the end :) 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate & Blonde ($18 USD each)

So the main thing that I wanted to purchase at Urban Outfitters was this dip brow pomade. This product has definitely been hyped up over the past year and is the 'Holy grail' product that gives everyone the 'eyebrow on fleek' look. Unfortunately, even though Sephora Australia stocks this product, their prices are unbelievably expensive, I think around $39AUD whilst UO sells for $18USD. Crazy pricing right!?

I wasn't really sure what shade to get as I haven't really swatched in stores, but I decided to just go with chocolate because it seemed to match by looking at pictures online. Chocolate is a warm brown and is quite dark but luckily, it's not a bad colour match with my newly dyed hair. I've been using it everytime I wear makeup lately and I love how it makes my brows look really perfect. I like to use an angled eyeliner brush to make everything look more precise. My friend also bought this in Blonde. 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore ($22USD)

I've been looking into getting a liquid lipstick recently because I want something that is long lasting on my lips and won't rub off easily. At one of the uni parties that I attended early this year, my friend was wearing a matte liquid lipstick and originally I thought it was something from Lime Crime but turns out it was a Stila Liquid lipstick - something that I had never heard of before. Of course, I then went home and did some research and fell in love with the idea of something that dried matte and was long lasting. After looking at the colour selection at Mecca Maxima, I was going to settle for Aria, a dark purple plum colour that would be perfect for Winter in Australia, but then after looking on UO and seeing the price difference, I decided to choose another colour, Fiore. UO doesn't have a wide colour selection to choose from compared to Mecca but Fiore looked like quite a nice colour. Unfortunately when it actually arrived I was so shocked at how vibrant the colour actually was - something that I would probably need getting used to, to wear LOL. It's quite a bright coral hot pink (and am STRUGGLING to think of an occasion that this lipstick would be suitable for *_* Any suggestions?). The formula was quite dry as well, only after wearing it for about 5 minutes :(Now that I think about it, I wished I didn't get this and invested in more of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks instead which are my current favourite lipsticks.

Urban Outfitters Metallic Highlights Baked Eyeshadows 

And just to make the post look less sad and short, I've included pictures of what my friend bought. These are neutral coloured baked eyeshadows with six colours in total. The colours look really gorgeous even though I haven't swatched them or anything. And the shade selection totally shouts my name. Although I already own LOTS of these colours, I regret not buying one myself (heh, a girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes righttt??) ^_~ 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Eyeshadow Palette ($29USD) 

Here's another palette that my friend bought and this is by Anastasia Beverly Hills in collaboration with Maya Mia (a Youtuber who i had never heard of before until this palette - shame on me ._. p.s. she is GORGEOUS ). This palette contains more of a variety of colours including shades of browns, pinks, blues, purples. I'm assuming this would be a great palette for those who want to experient with more colours and create more bold bright looks. 

Do you own any of these products? If so, leave me your thoughts on how they work down below. What was your favourite product from my haul, tell me in the comments section :) 

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you and for all my aussie readiers, enjoy your break whether it's 2 weeks for school students or one month for uni students~! See you all in next Saturdays post! Don't forget to follow me on GFC and on social media (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee)


  1. Great haul! I've seen a few people buy things off of UO, seems like a pretty good place to get stuff cheaper or hard to find here! I'm glad you're liking the brow pomade, I really want to try Anastasia's brow prods!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thank you Tasha <3 It is a really good place to buy cheap makeup! You should definitely try the brow pomade - it does live up to it's hype! x

    The Dipbrow is quite nice, even though it takes a bit of practice to get right. YOU COULD TRY WEARING THAT LIQUID LIPSTICK AT HOME WHILE NEXFLIX-ING ;) (I kid, but I'm sure you could wear it to 'parties'/events at night)

  3. This haul is so nice *-* I don't have an Urban outfitter or sephora near my city but these products look so nice! I actually think that the matte liquid lipstick doesn't look that vibrant (at least on the photos), it looks so lovely *-* ♥ I think it would look very pretty in spring~! I think out of all of these items the brown baked eyeshadow palette looks nice hehe ^-^ Thanks for sharing, Fifi! I saw the little preview on instagram and just had to check this post out lol >-< ♥

    Mindy ♥

  4. Omg yes! U got these items at such a good price!!
    Haha what colour is ur hair now fifi?
    Uni sounds mich better than what i feel Yr 12 is like lol ^^
    xx Charmaine



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