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Hey beauties! 

I hope you've all had a fablulous week! This week my friend and I did some major make up exploring in the city and spent almost 2 hours in Mecca Maxima QVB and Sephora Sydney. Yep, that's how much fun we had. My friend was looking to invest into a good blush, bronzer and highlighter so we went around testing almost every face palette that existed LOL. In the end, she settled with the Hourglass ambient blush in incandescent electra and I went home with a couple of things from Mecca (as well as an empty wallet) *-*

SO if you would like to see what I got from Mecca, keep reading on :) 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation
Mecca Maxima - $56 AUD

Foundation is probably the makeup product that I use on a regular day to day basis because I rely on this magical product to cover up all the redness and acne that I have on my face. For the past few years that I've been using foundation, I've only been using drugstore other than the MAC studio sculpt that I purchased a while ago. However, I still like to stick with the drugstore ones that I have because they're not as heavy as the MAC foundation. Even though the Maybelline Super Skin Foundation has been my HG drugstore foundation for about a year now, ever since I've been going to the gym, I feel like I need somethings that's even thinner and long wearing than that. 

So a few weeks back when i went to Mecca to grab a sample of the NARS luminous weightless foundation, the lady at Mecca also recommended me the UD foundation because she said that it was equally as good. She offered me a sample of that so I thought why not try it out as well. Turned out, I really loved the consistency and how lightweight the UD foundation was. Also the colour match was amazing, which was why I went back to buy the full size. It's probably the priciest foundation that I've purchased but I think theres a lot of product so it will last fairly long. If you're looking for a lightweight foundation, give this one a shot because it's worth the investment. 

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Chihuahua
Mecca Maxima - $28 AUD

I've been looking to buy a high end lipstick from Mecca Maxima for the past couple of weeks, however even after looking around I couldn't find a colour that I absolutely loved. I was originally going for the Stila Stay All Day liquid Lipstick in Patina, but it was sold out and the Mecca Maxima in QVB had run out of stock. So I went and looked for a product that was similar. The Too Faced Melted Lipstick was recommended to me. The range consists of pretty bright colours like bright pinks, purples but I really wanted something natural looking, something that I could wear regularly. Melted Chihuahua which was one of Mecca Maxima's best sellers, was recommended to me. It's a gorgeous nude brown colour although the website descibes it as a dusty mauve. Neverthelss, it's a beautiful colour and very different to what I own in my lipstick collection (which basically consists of Pinks, Pinks and more pinks heh *-*) 

The consistency is pretty cool as well and glides on super easily onto my lips. I will definitely be doing a full review on this soon because I really love this product! So don't forget to look out for that post :) 

Beauty Loop Welcome Box
Mecca Maxima -  Free!

And onto the best part of today's purchase... which was the Free Mecca Beauty Loop Welcome Box. I've been part of Mecca's Beauty Loop for about two months now but have been holding back on the purchases. However, when I was paying at the counter the other day, the staff told me that I was eligible for this free welcome box! I was pretty excited and inside consists of two Too Faced samples of the Cocoa Powder Foundation and shadow insurance as well as a Deluxe Sample of the Stila Lip Glaze. Although there wasn't a whole heap of stuff inside the box, it was pretty exciting to get a small gift of appreciation for being part of the club :) 

And that concludes my mini haul at Mecca Maxima! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading and please leave me a comment down below if 

  • You've tried any of these products before,
  • What was your favourite product out of my mini haul and, 
  • Also tell me what's on your current Mecca/Sephora Wishlist because I'd love to know!^-^~ 

I still have heaps of stuff that I want but I'll save that for my next trip to Mecca heheh! Until next time, stay safe and have a fabulous week! :) 

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