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Hey everyone :) 

I'm sorry for the inconsistent posts during these few weeks, I have trials coming up for my HSC exams in about two weeks and it's kinda hard to have posts up every week and keeping up to date! But I managed to squeeze in a post today because I'm on my two week break! Also, I just bought the new Benefit Push Up liner yesterday at the launch and I'm so excited to review it, so that will hopefully be up by next Saturday ^_^

Anyways, in Australia we're in the middle of winter but I know nearly everywhere else in the world is in the middle of summer, and so hopefully those who have wonderful warm weather can be inspired by this outfit that I've put together! 

[Review] Benefit They're Real Mascara ♥

Hey everyone!! 

I'm finally back with a new review on a product that I've been wanting to write about since forever! Sorry for not posting last week, I was busy with work and wasn't feeling very inspired to write haha :P

So this is the review on the Benefit's They're Real mascara! I know this has been out for a REALLY long time but I only managed to get my hands on it a few months ago and only now have I decided to write a review about it! The Benefit's They're Real Push Up eyeliner is also coming out soon as well, so I'm really excited to try it out and review it! 

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Name: They're Real Mascara
Price: $23 USD on the website
$38 AUD from Myers 
Weight: 8.5g
Shade: -
Where to purchase: Benefit Cosmetics or Myers Australia if you don't want to purchase online
Description: "They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!" - Benefit Cosmetics US

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Hey Everyone!! 

So as you know, everyday, there are more and more online stores that are starting up and it's really hard to keep track of every fashion or beauty store that there is out there. Today, I just wanted to share a website that I've recently stumbled across. If you're a fashion blogger and have a pretty well established blog, you'll probably be interested in this post! I'm not sure you guys have heard of it before, but it's called,