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So as you know, everyday, there are more and more online stores that are starting up and it's really hard to keep track of every fashion or beauty store that there is out there. Today, I just wanted to share a website that I've recently stumbled across. If you're a fashion blogger and have a pretty well established blog, you'll probably be interested in this post! I'm not sure you guys have heard of it before, but it's called, 


A lot of new online fashion stores need promoters with blogs or other forms of social media to assist in the process of spreading the news so that they can find more customers. Basically, what this website does, is collect nearly all the fashion sponsorship programs that are out there on the internet and organise it by categories so that fashion bloggers can browse through easily to check out what companies have to offer.

This is just a bit more information about them. This website was established last year and it works in gathering the newest programs regularly so you can be assured the data is up to date! And if you're really eager to be the first to know about the newest sponsorship programs that are out there, they provide a subscription service where you can just pop down your email and once you're on their mailing list, you'll never have to worry about being out of date again! 

Blogger Program is a really useful website that they've put together because it makes it so easy to look for sponsorships. Everything is arranged really nicely into three main categories of: 
  • Fashion Blogger Programs
  • Jewellery Blogger Programs
  • Glasses Blogger Programs
Under each three categories are a huge list of companies that are looking to sponsor bloggers to help them promote their brands.Short descriptions of the type of clothing, jewellery or glasses that each and every stores sells are included so you can easily tell if you want to apply for it or not. Also, underneath all the information, the requirements that are needed for application are listed so you can check if you're eligible for the program or not very quickly! Just note that a lot of the programs require you to have over 1000 followers on your blogging platform, but if you're not quite there yet, you can browse around and see if there are any that don't require that amount! 

Hope this information was useful to you and Good luck finding sponsorships :) 


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