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Hey everyone! 

Last month, Born Pretty Store kindly sent me these products from their online store for me to review. I would like to apologise for the delay of this post as I was meant to write it up at the beginning of the month >_< But I finally got around to doing it now, so hope you all enjoy! I've also included a 10% coupon code at the bottom of this post so that you guys can purchase things from their store as well!!

About Born Pretty Store ♥

So I assume most bloggers would've heard of Born Pretty before but if you haven't, Born Pretty is an online store that sells beauty items such as nail art items, accessories, makeup, makeup tools, phone cases and many more things at a really cheap price! It's called Born Pretty Store because they believe every woman is "Born pretty" and aim to provide beauty products to enhance our beauty! Pretty cute idea right? :) They also offer free shipping worldwide and have great customer service! They also ship their products within 24hrs of their hours which is so efficient!! So now that you've learnt a bit about Born Pretty, let's get onto the product review.

Package ordered: Wednesday 4th June 2014  
 Package sent: Wednesday 4th June 2014
Package Arrived:  Thursday 26th June 2014
Total Days:
22 days

Winterblush Korean Cosmetics Store ♥

Hey Everyone!!

How was everyone's week? I'm so glad the weekend has finally arrived because I've spent the past 5 days sitting in my school hall doing three hour exams :'( Not exactly the best week! I'm sure you all had a more exciting week than me lolol :P

On another note, you all probably know by now about how much I love my Korean makeup! It's so affordable and great quality too! Plus I'm sure you'd all agree that they have pretty much the cutest packaging in the world. So recently, I discovered a new online cosmetics store that is called 'Winter Blush" and it's based in Brisbane so I decided to share :) 

Jolse.com Cosmetics Haul Part 2 ♥

Hey Everyone! 

So last year, I did a blogpost about my first time shopping at Jolse Cosmetics which you can check out HERE! Basically for those who haven't read my first post, Jolse is a Korean Cosmetics Online store and they sell products at a really cheap price and with every order they offer lots of samples plus free shipping! This was a haul from last year and when I found these pictures that I had taken previously, I decided to finally write up a post since I haven't uploaded a haul post on my blog since forever!

Oh yeah by the way, before i move onto the haul, I wanted to say please excuse the colour of the photo's, they all look extremely yellow and it must've been because on the day i took these photos, it was a pretty gloomy day, hence the bad quality! Sorry! 

I fell in love with Jolse Cosmetic Store since the first time i purchased from them because of how fast their shipping was and how well their services were! I also loved the fact that they gave me heaps of samples!  

Order On Tuesday 17th September 2013
Shipped on Monday 23rd September 2013
Arrived 18th October 2013

Overall, it basically took 31 days to arrive - approx a month! It took a little longer than expected, because last time it came in 2 weeks, but when I contacted them they were very kind and explained to me about the delay so I was pretty happy!

Review | Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner ♥

Hey everyone, 

I'm so excited to review this product today because I mentioned in my last review post, which was about the Benefit's They're Real Mascara, that I was going to try out the Push up Liner on the day it went on sale. Since the They're real mascara didn't really work out on my eyes, I'm glad to say that the Push up Liner is probably the best gel eyeliner I've ever used :) Keep reading on if you want to know more ^_^

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Name: They're Real Push Up Liner
Price: $24 USD on the website
$35 AUD from Myers 
Weight: 1.4g
Shade: -
Where to purchase: Benefit Cosmetics or Myers Australia if you don't want to purchase online
Description: "It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!" - Benefit Cosmetics US