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So last year, I did a blogpost about my first time shopping at Jolse Cosmetics which you can check out HERE! Basically for those who haven't read my first post, Jolse is a Korean Cosmetics Online store and they sell products at a really cheap price and with every order they offer lots of samples plus free shipping! This was a haul from last year and when I found these pictures that I had taken previously, I decided to finally write up a post since I haven't uploaded a haul post on my blog since forever!

Oh yeah by the way, before i move onto the haul, I wanted to say please excuse the colour of the photo's, they all look extremely yellow and it must've been because on the day i took these photos, it was a pretty gloomy day, hence the bad quality! Sorry! 

I fell in love with Jolse Cosmetic Store since the first time i purchased from them because of how fast their shipping was and how well their services were! I also loved the fact that they gave me heaps of samples!  

Order On Tuesday 17th September 2013
Shipped on Monday 23rd September 2013
Arrived 18th October 2013

Overall, it basically took 31 days to arrive - approx a month! It took a little longer than expected, because last time it came in 2 weeks, but when I contacted them they were very kind and explained to me about the delay so I was pretty happy!

Again, like last time, each product is individually wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that nothing is broken on the way! 

And of course SAMPLES!! My favourite part yay heheh! Samples = happiness (pretty much :P )

From top left clockwise: 
- Lioele fresh sunscreen sample
- The Face shop volcanic clay nose strip 
- Tony moly Flora face cream sample
- Lioele Dollish Vita BB cream 
- Tony Moly red apple detox honey cream 
- Beauty for you blotting paper

So again, like last time, i purchased 3 items: 

1. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml 
                                                       USD: $11 

2. Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner
                                                       USD: $5.80 
3. Etude House Color My Brows in no.1 Rich Brown 
                                                       USD: $6.46

Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in no. 23  

I bought this BB cream before my Maybelline one, so if i had known that the Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream was so amazing, i don't think i would've bought this. Anyways, this is probably the most raved about Korean BB cream on the net and almost every beauty blogger that I've seen have tried this before. It's such a classic BB cream so decided to give it a try and hope that it lives up to expectations :) I was mainly attracted to the packaging, because I currently don't own any BB creams that have a pump, so that's pretty awesome and it would make it easier to control how much product I want to get. It was also the product on sale during that week so i popped it into my cart! 

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in 01 Black

If i'm ever buying an eyeliner, you'll hardly catch me getting a pencil one because they always smudge like crazy on my oily eyelids and by the end of the day i probably get laughed at for having huge panda eyes which is totally embarassing lol. So most of the time i like to avoid pencil liners, however when i was reading a couple of beauty blogs a couple of months back, i saw that this was a pretty popular pencil liner that many people turn to because it's cheap and apparently it works really well with no smudging. Now this all sounded extremely appealing to me because I've never ever used a pencil liner that doesn't smudge, which is why i gave this a shot. I did a swatch above, and I don't really enjoy it so far because the pencil is very thick and it's hard to get a precise thin line. But I think I will trial this for a longer time before deciding whether i like it or not, so stay tuned for a review.

Etude House Colour My brows no. 01 Rich Brown 

Eyebrow mascara has been the biggest trend lately and it seems that everyone is using this instead of the traditional brow pencil and wax. I originally wanted to purchase the Dolly Wink version of the eyebrow mascara but i found that all the colours that they offered were extremely light and did not suit my eyebrows so instead,  i went for Etude House and chose this dark brown eyebrow mascara because it was half the price of Dolly Wink and had the colour that i wanted. I probably won't be doing a review on this, because there's nothing much to say about this product. It does a fairly decent job at making the brows looks really pretty and the colour matches my hair perfectly. Because it's an eyebrow mascara, it helps keep the eyebrow hairs in place all day and it looks really natural. I definitely love this brow mascara and i turn to this almost every day for my brow routine. It's so quick and easy as well, great for makeup beginners! 

And that concludes my second haul from and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you ever want to buy Korean cosmetics online definitely go check out Jolse because they have a great variety of products for extremely cheap prices. I'm not an affiliate or sponsored by Jolse, I personally recommend this online store because i've been satisfied both times that i've bought from them and i'm sure all of you guys will as well! 

As always please comment down below what your favourite product was from this haul and whether you've bought from Jolse before, I'd love to hear from you and i'll try my best to respond to all your comments! Also, follow me if you want to see more of these posts in the future and i'll definitely check your blog out ^_^ 

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