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I'm so excited to review this product today because I mentioned in my last review post, which was about the Benefit's They're Real Mascara, that I was going to try out the Push up Liner on the day it went on sale. Since the They're real mascara didn't really work out on my eyes, I'm glad to say that the Push up Liner is probably the best gel eyeliner I've ever used :) Keep reading on if you want to know more ^_^

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Name: They're Real Push Up Liner
Price: $24 USD on the website
$35 AUD from Myers 
Weight: 1.4g
Shade: -
Where to purchase: Benefit Cosmetics or Myers Australia if you don't want to purchase online
Description: "It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!" - Benefit Cosmetics US

I bought this from one of the beauty counters at Myers on the day the product launched (which was last Friday) and it was basically the first time I've visited a beauty counter before since I usually do all my beauty shopping online. I have to say the girl who served me at the counter was REALLY nice and I would definitely go back there if I ever need to buy something ^_^

So onto the actual eyeliner. The packaging is basically the exact same as the Benefit They're Real Mascara with the typical statistics on the side. I personally like the packaging and I think the design is simple yet pretty like all other Benefit products :) The eyeliner itself is in like pen form but inside is meant to be like a gel formula so it saves us time from having to keep dipping the brush in those typical gel liner pots!! The pen is definitely a great size and perfect to bring in your travel makeup bags.

Inside the box, they provide an information sheet on how to use the eyeliner and provides you with tips and tricks which I think is quite handy if you're looking for inspiration on what type of eyeliner look you want to try. Benefit also has their own Youtube channel HERE if you want to check out and they post a lot of videos on how to how to use their products and will be useful if you learn better through watching actual demonstrations. 

How To Use


Twist base once to “push up” gel liner to tip. Resting the AccuFlex™ tip on the base of your lashes, slowly guide along your lashline from the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex™ tip works both ways. - Benefit US

Firstly this eyeliner has a twist off cap. The girl at the Benefit counter reminded me that it was a twist off cap but once I got home I totally forgot and tried to pull it off :P So remember twist it off!! I like how its a twist off cap because it's more secure and prevents the eyeliner from drying out quickly!

You'll know if the eyeliners new because it will come with the orange plug that prevents any products from spilling out and protects the tip of the pen :)

If it's your first time using it, one you remove the orange plug, you have to keep twisting and twisting the end of the pen until product dispenses out. I didn't know you had to twist it so many times, so i got impatient and just kept twisting it like 30 times, really fast and a whole heap of product came out (as you can see below). So make sure you go don't twist too fast to prevent that from happening. After all that, the pen is activated and ready to use!

You'll notice that a lot of product gets dispensed out but all you have to do is wipe it on the back of your hand a few times or on a piece of tissue to remove the excess off. I recommend you to do this everytime you dispense product out of this eyeliner or else you'll end up putting too my product on your eyes and it will smear all over the place! 



Sorry the camera focused on the wrong area >_<

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
 / 5 
The eyeliner packaging doesn't 'wow' me like the packaging of their box powders and beauty sets however, like the Benefit They're Real mascara, I still love the simple yet sophisticated box. 

Price:  ♥  ♥
/ 5 

This eyeliner was definitely a splurge for me because it cost $35 (cheaper than the mascara) to buy from the beauty counters at Myers and before this eyeliner, i would usually only buy drugstore eyeliners which costs half of the price, but no regrets because I love this eyeliner. But if I were to buy a backup, I might purchase it off the Benefit US website because it's a lot cheaper ($24)

Performance:  ♥  ♥  ♥
  / 5

After trying the Benefit They're Real Mascara, I was definitely worried about how this would turn out. However, I have to say this is one of the best gel eyeliners I've ever used because nearly all of the drugstore gel eyeliners that I've tried have smudged and given me panda eyes by the end of the day. This one is different because it hold up on my eyes all day and doesn't leave smudges underneath my eyes. However, because I have oily eyelids, after a few hours some of it transfers to my eyelid, but if I use an eyelid primer, it prevents that from happening. So that's something to consider if you're like me and have oily eyelids!!

Overall - 4 / 5 


  • Pretty, sophisticated Packaging
  • The Accuflex tip makes it a whole lot easier to apply the eyeliner
  • VERY pigmented - its a really dark black colour
  • Doesn't smudge 
  • The angled design of the tip makes it easy to create winged eyeliner
  • Easy to remove
  • Expensive
  • Hard to draw a thin line 
  • Limited shades - which I'm fine with but for those who like to wear brown eyeliner because black might be too bold, there's only one shade to choose from
  • May need to wear primer if you have oily eyelids to prevent transfer 
  • May flake a tad bit
They're Real Remover ♥

When I bought the eyeliner, they gave me a free sample of the They're Real Remover which you can buy in stores for $25 at Benefit counters Myers. I haven't tried this yet for those who were wondering, but to be honest, I used my usual Maybelline NY Total Clean Express Makeup Remover and it removes the eyeliner easily and does the job so I don't think I'll be purchasing the remover. When I do try out the sample, I'll be sure to leave an update here :) 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this and hope it was useful ^_^ I would definitely recommend this to everyone and I would personally repurchase this when I finish using it! Don't forget to leave a comment down below and follow me through GFC and my other social media. Links can be found on the right side bar! :) 


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