W2beauty Review + Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Long Kinny Gel Pen Liner Swatches ♥

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Today's post is on a Korean cosmetics online store called W2beauty, which i'm pretty sure most of you guys have heard of before! 

I love shopping online because you can find stuff that you probably wouldn't be able to find in physical stores (especially in Australia) and this includes Asian cosmetics products. That's why, when the first time i heard of W2beauty, i was extremely excited because it sold Korean makeup and skincare products at a really cheap price as compared to other sites like YesStyle. 

[Haul] Valleygirl, SUPRÉ & Myer Fashion Haul ♥

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How are you all? I hope you guys are all going well ^^. Holidays have just started over in Australia so I have two weeks of freedom~ During the weekends, I definitely took advantage of it and went hunting for bargains and sales everywhere. As you can tell from the title, I managed to grab hold of a few items from Valleygirl, SUPRÉ and Myers.


I hardly ever shop at SUPRÉ because I feel like their clothes aren't worth the price you have to pay. Their material is usually really thin for a really expensive price, but I do have to admit that some of the clothes that they sell are quite decent and the price is definitely a lot more affordable during sales which you can usually find here and there during change of season periods. So they had a range of jumpers that were on sale and I bought two of them.

[Haul + Swatches] Maybelline Mini Haul ♥

Hi Everyone!

What's your favourite drug store brand? Since I'm only a teenager, I can pretty much only afford drug store makeup. I really would love to try high end products like Benefits Cosmetics and M.A.C, but its too pricey for me so I like to stick to buying similar products from drug stores like Target or Priceline instead :) My favourite drug store brand is of course Maybelline because the price is great for the quality that you get!

Recently, Priceline had a 50% off sales on all Maybelline products and I couldn't help but check it out myself after seeing a friends haul featuring a lot of products that were extremely tempting to buy.

[Review + Swatches] Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Quad (01 Brown) ♥

Hi everyone!!

Throughout the years that I've used makeup, eye shadows have definitely not been an essential in my makeup routine. Eyeliner would be considered the most important because it defines the eyes and really makes your eyes stand out from a crowd. I really like smokey eye effects looks however, it never really worked out for me because whenever I wore it, it looked like I had a bruised eye. But after reading many reviews and raves about this product, I decided to give it a try and I bought this online for around $16AUD which is quite pricey for a small eye shadow quad!

Of course, the first thing I noticed was the shift from typical dolly wink packaging that were usually really pinky pastelly colours to this a more darker brown packaging. I actually like it because sometimes pink packaging may look too mainstream. Also, they have once again used the floral design all over the packaging like they with the Dolly Wink Liquid Liner which I did a review here! I didn't really like the floral print on the eyeliner packaging, but for some reason, it actually looks quite pretty on this product :)

[Review] Comparing Dolly Wink Liquid Liner & K-Palette 24 hrs lasting liner ♥

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Eyeliner was the first piece of makeup i had ever used and from the first day, i had already instantly fallen in love with them. I first started off with pencil eyeliner because that was the only type that i had access to. I used the Elizabeth Arden pencil eyeliner and it was great, however, like most other types of pencil liners, they smudged quite a bit throughout the course of the day which i assure you, is not a pretty sight. Afterwards i discovered that there was a thing called gel eyeliner and i bought my first Maybelline studio gel eyeliner, which was even easier than the pencil liner to apply but smudged a lot as well.  Finally, after watching Bubzbeauty, I decided to try my last resort, liquid liner. Apparently the K-palette liquid liner was the best selling liner in Japan so i thought why not give it a try! Going though a variety of eyeliners, I can finally say that I've found my HG eyeliner. 


There has been many reviews that rave about how well the K-palette liquid liner and the Dolly wink liquid liner performed so i decided to compare to see which one was the best! 
As you can see from the photo, the packaging is already extremely different. The K-palette

[REVIEW] JUJU Aquamoist Cleansing Oil + Swatches ♥

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is going to be about my first cleansing oil that I've tried :)
Over the past years, when it comes to removing makeup, I've only ever relied on make up wipes by Johnson & Johnson because they're cheap, easy to use and quick at getting rid of both eye makeup and face makeup. However, lately it seems that everyone has been going into the trend of using cleansing oil and talking about how amazing it is! Many beauty guru's rave about how great the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is and I really wanted to try it but it was a bit on the pricey side, so I turned to the cheaper alternative of the Juju Aquamoist Cleansing oil instead from Sasa, which you can get here.

As you can tell in the picture, its in a clear packaging with their usual labels on the front and

[REVIEW] Dolly Wink False Eyelashes (Natural Dolly) + Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix (Black) ♥

Hi Everyone!!

How are you all? ^_^ I've always been a fan of false eyelashes, but living in Australia, the only eyelashes that you can buy from drugstores are made to suit more western people's eyes rather than Asians. They are usually extremely dramatic and extremely long which is not the best choice if you want to wear it on a daily basis. Luckily for online shopping, I managed to buy my first set of falsies by Dolly Wink on Sasa!

Like always Dolly wink never fails to impress with their packaging! I'm absolutely in love with the baby blue colour and the little flowers at the top and of course Tsubasa Masuwaka on the front! However, the only criticism I have is that the packaging is very bulky and hard to store unless you just take out the lashes and keep them in a lash case!