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Today's post is on a Korean cosmetics online store called W2beauty, which i'm pretty sure most of you guys have heard of before! 

I love shopping online because you can find stuff that you probably wouldn't be able to find in physical stores (especially in Australia) and this includes Asian cosmetics products. That's why, when the first time i heard of W2beauty, i was extremely excited because it sold Korean makeup and skincare products at a really cheap price as compared to other sites like YesStyle. 

The site has changed its appearance a couple of times, but as of now, it looks something like this! It's simple yet very easy to navigate around the site. They offer over 30 brands including: 

  • Ameli
  • Amore Pacific
  • A'Pieu
  • Aritaum 
  • Banila Co
  • Benton
  • Etude house
  • Hanyul
  • Hera
  • Holika Holika
  • Illi
  • It's Skin
  • Laneige
  • Leaders
  • Lioele 
  • Lirikos
  • Mamonde
  • Missha
  • Mizon
  • Nature Republic
  • Primera
  • Skin Food
  • Shara Shara
  • Skin 79
  • Sulwhasoo
  • The Face Shop
  • The Saem
  • Tony Moly
  • Lolita Lempicka
Alice is the girl who runs the site and she is soo nice!! I talked to her once and she's so sweet and provides great customer service which is probably the main reason that i wanted to shop at this site. Another great thing about this website is that it provides free worldwide shipping! The one thing you gotta hate living in Australia is that most online stores charge extremely high shipping fees to ship packages to the country, so free shipping fee on this site is amazing! 
So after looking around the site i decided to buy one thing to see how long shipping would take. 

My first impression was wow! I ordered one thing from their website and the box they sent me was HUGE! In a way, it feels like its a waste of a box but at the same time, it guarantees that the products that you ordered will arrive safely and unbroken. I was also pretty impressed with the processing and shipping time! It took less than 2 weeks to arrive, although if you order this week it might take longer because in Korea its Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving day). 

Placed order: 14th September 2013 
Processed and Shipping: 16th September 2013 
Arrived: 27th September 2013 

So when i opened the package i was more excited about the samples that Alice gave me instead of the actual product that i ordered. Is that even normal? o.O 
Everything was nicely packaged in bubble wrap and she even put in a Korean lolly as a gift ^_^ 

I love samples lol. 

I'm so excited to use the samples hehe! I think samples are great to try products out before you buy the full size or if you don't want to bring bulky items on holidays, you can just bring a handful of sample size products, it's so much more convenient :) 

I've never used Tony Moly eyeliners, in fact I don't think I own any Tony Moly Products at all! However I've heard great things about it so I decided to try their Gel Pen Liner because it sounded pretty cool and it was quite cheap on W2beauty (You can find this product HERE) . It's the first time that I've heard of an eyeliner that is a gel liner in a pen form. I decided to swatch it to see what it looked like!

The size of the pen bristles is quite thin compared to the Dolly Wink and K-palette liner, but it is still easy to use and workable on the eye.

As you can see from the swatches, the eyeliner smudges quite easily when in contact with water. The consistency is quite runny and watery, definitely not as pigmented as the Dolly Wink and K-palate. I was obviously disappointed with this product because the last thing you want from an eyeliner are panda eyes right? However I decided not to lose faith in this product and gave it a go on the eyes. Surprisingly it didn't smudge or budge all day even on my super oily eyelids and everything was great until I tried to remove it after around 12 hrs. It was soo hard to remove, it was literally stained on my eyelids and took me 10 minutes to remove it, which is so weird because it was so easy to remove with water when I swatched it on my hand...?

But overall it was an alright product and if you have super oily eyelids like me, and you don't mind spending awhile on removing eyeliner, this is your HG eyeliner!
Also note that I accidently got this eyeliner in shade #2 which is brown but for some reason it look black to me :S

Anyways, I really enjoyed shopping at W2beauty and I will definitely go back for more in the near future! You guys should definitely check it out for yourselves to see as well ^^

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  1. the pakete looks great, I like it. I have never made experiences with korean stuff :)

    1. You should definitely try out korean cosmetics products! They're amazing ♥

  2. oh I love all the brands they stock! Korean cosmetics are my favourite! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. I know! I think all my cosmetics products are either Maybelline or Korean haha♥
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hello Pretty <3
    I just found your blog. You're beautiful and I have follow you anyway.

    Stay fab xx


    1. Aww thanks hun for folllowing ♥
      I'll definitely check out your blog~

  4. That's the perfect eyeliner for me! I've been having oily eyelids these days because of the hot weather, luckily I found your post! Thanks for the great review. I'm loving the sample products too. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. I love how this eyeliner doesn't smudge and it is definitely great for hot weather + oily eyelids ^^ ♥
      Thanks for reading my blog ♥

  5. lovely swatches, the eyeliner looks perfect! thank you for sharing!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

  6. I would actually be excited about the samples too... lol That's really weird how it was so easy to take off on your hands but much harder on your face... >.< Great review. :)



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