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What's your favourite drug store brand? Since I'm only a teenager, I can pretty much only afford drug store makeup. I really would love to try high end products like Benefits Cosmetics and M.A.C, but its too pricey for me so I like to stick to buying similar products from drug stores like Target or Priceline instead :) My favourite drug store brand is of course Maybelline because the price is great for the quality that you get!

Recently, Priceline had a 50% off sales on all Maybelline products and I couldn't help but check it out myself after seeing a friends haul featuring a lot of products that were extremely tempting to buy.

When I got to the store, I was extremely overwhelmed by the choices that I was faced with, but keeping to a budget, I ended up only buying four things which totalled up to around $36AUD!

What I bought:-
1. Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation in Nude Beige #125 - Was $18.95 Now $9.48
2. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Beige - Was $18.95 Now $9.48
3. Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream in Medium - Was $15.95 Now $7.98
4. Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads in Amethyst Smokes - Was $14.95 Now $7.58


First Impression + SWATCHES:

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream:

I think that this BB cream has the prettiest colour schemes out off all the BB creams I own. I really like the baby blue colour that that used for the packaging and the gradient brown effect makes it look organised with a touch of elegance. The fact that it has 2% Salicylic Acid was what caught my eye. For someone who has acne prone skin, like me, the most important thing in a BB cream is that it won't break me out after using it. And knowing that it has Salicylic Acid makes me feel safer using this BB cream on a regular daily basis. I chose the colour in medium because since this is a western product, I figured that BB cream in light would suit more Western people rather than Asians and dark may be too dark so medium was the way to go~

Here's a swatch of what the Dream Pure BB cream looks like. It has a greyish undertone but when applied to the face it looks really white and light but after awhile it oxidizes to suit your skin tone! 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: 

I had heard some great stuff about the Fit Me line and some pretty nasty stuff about it too, so i was a bit skeptical when i was deciding whether i should buy this. I liked the packaging and all because it was simple and I currently don't own any liquid foundations like this. The only thing i really don't like about this product is that there isn't a pump or anything that comes with it. Its just a hole at the top that's about 1.5cm in diameter where you have to pour it out to distribute the product. I think its very inconvenient because its hard to control how much comes out and it can get a bit messy. I haven't tried this product on my face yet but the swatches show that the shade i bought suits my skin so that's a relief :) 

I have to say that its quite runny compared to the BB cream and i think i'd definitely need some kind of foundation brush to evenly distribute this on my face without getting too messy. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: 

This was the only product that i bought that had actual packaging to it. The word 'Matte' instantly caught my attention because i naturally have pretty oily skin and using liquid foundations and mousse foundations often end up making my face look shiny by the end of the day. I like the thought of having nice matte skin without too much shine so i chose this product. It has very sturdy packaging and looks like it won't be able to easily break. 

The powder is very fine and very compact. When you apply a brush onto it, the powder doesn't go flying every which I'm pretty happy about. 

At the bottom, you can even twist it open to reveal a cute mirror and makeup sponge. This is meant to be for travelling uses or for touch ups when your out, however i find that the packaging is a bit bulky so I'm not really sure if i would choose to bring this if i really was to go travelling.. I think i could probably find a more travel friendly compact powder. 

As you can see from the swatch, the powder is very fine and I'd say that it has medium coverage.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads in Amethyst Smokes: 

I was contemplating on getting the Maybelline Color Tattoos but then I decided to get this one instead because it offered four colors for similar price. This palette is great for smokey eyes and i love it because it tells you on the palette what each colour is used for. 

Directions show that: 
Colour 1 - A base and highlight brow bone 
Colour 2 - For even lid application 
Colour 3 - For the Crease and outer corner applications
Colour 4 - Used to Liner the eyes

From Left to Right - Base, Line, Crease, Lid 

So far I've only swatched them and used the second colour for my makeup once and i can say that it lasts quite long and it doesn't smudge and smear throughout the course of the day, so I'm so far loving it and i can't wait to try out all the colours for a smokey look. I might do an in depth review on this if it turns out good :) 

I hope you all enjoyed reading my Mini Maybelline Haul! 
What Maybelline product are you loving at the moment? 
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  2. Oh I love maybelline and I nearly use just maybelline cause it's very good make up ♥


  3. Hello, Fifi! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I love your haul, though I only have one Maybelline makeup item. Haha! Their products are interesting and are cheaper than Revlon. I might try them soon. What are your recommendations?

    Sylden <3 XOXO


  4. These products look so good!



  5. Ohh i love the Maybelline pressed powder! I followed ya, follow back girl?? lol


  6. Oh really nice haul dear, I hope see the reviews soon.
    Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back!


  7. Nice haul. I too like Maybelline. My fav. drug store brand is Lakme! :)
    The eyeshadow quad looks great! :)
    Visit me too sometime dear! :)
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  8. Ah the problems of being a teenager, namely having no money._. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands too! I love their BB cream, and most of their face products are really good quality too:D For lips though I tend to go with Revlon because I just love the lip butters/sticks that they sell^-^

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  9. what a great maybelline haul... definitely one of my fav. drugstore brands <3

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  10. I also indulged during the 50% off sale! I bought 2 of the color tattoos, a mascara and three lippies >_<
    Priceline is a dangerous place for my wallet, lol.

  11. I really want to try the Dream Pure BB cream. I agree, the packaging is so pretty!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea


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