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When I went to Hong Kong last year, I decided to pick up this VDL Lumilayer Primer which I've heard many great things about through Bubzbeauty and other beauty bloggers during 2015. This primer is a best seller in Korea and claims to contour & highlight the face even before you put any foundation or face makeup on. If you would like to know more about this product and my thoughts about it, then keep reading.

Brand: VDL
Name: Lumilayer Primer
Price: $125 HKD (~$23 AUD)
Weight: 30mL
Shade: - 
Where to purchase: Sasa
Description: VDL Lumilayer Primer is a radiance makeup primer that brightens, defines and contours face for a illuminating look. With violet lumilayer pigment, it combines and reflects red light and blue light for clear skin, it neutralizes skin’s dullness and yellowness. It can be a highlighter to intensify face features. It gently brings lasting radiance to skin for a luminous complexion.


1. Voluminous face injected with light 
Violet Lumilayer Pigment, made by combining skin-brightening red light and blue light for clean and clear skin, creates an intensity that illuminates the face and highlights features.
2. Radiance that lasts all day
Gently illuminates the face to make skin tone look brilliant all day long.

The packaging of the primer is quite pretty and feels very luxe. It's made of glass so it's quite heavy but it also means that you can easily see how much product is left in the bottle. It come with a sturdy lid and a pump which makes it easy to dispense the product and is also really hygienic.

The consistency of the primer is like a cream making it easy to apply to the face. This is the perfect primer if you're into the Korean dewy natural skin look because it contains iridescent shimmers that make your skin look like it's glowing from different angles (as you can see in the picture above). The recommended way of using this is to mix this with a liquid foundation at a 1:1 ratio. However, I usually prefer using this primer when I'm going for a natural healthy look so I like wearing this under the Etude House Any Cushion because the dewiness in both products work really well together to give an illuminating effect. It also makes the face feel really hydrated which is always a plus because it makes the foundation application process a much easier job. 

As for the claims, I didn't really see the contouring effects on my face but I did notice the highlighting working on my cheekbones. I found that the best place to apply this product is on the forehead, cheekbones and the nose bridge for the best look. I've also seen people say that you can also use this on top of foundation as a liquid highlighter - so it really depends on how you would like to use this product as it works in many different ways! 



Packaging ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
I really love the packaging of this product. It is simple, yet the glass bottle makes it appear very luxurious and sturdy. I love how it comes with a pump as well because it makes it easier to control how much product you want to dispense and is mess free! 

Price ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
Because I bought this in HK, where there is a wide selection and variety of primers to choose from, this VDL Lumilayer primer was quite pricey compared to the others. However, the quality of this primer is amazing, so I think it's definitely worth the price. 

Performance ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
I'm really happy with how this primer worked out on my skin. I have naturally oily skin so I was kind of worried at first that the dewiness would make me look oily but you after using this all month, I could see the difference it makes! I wore this during winter, so it made my skin look super hydrated and healthy looking. It's definitely the secret behind the Korean glowy skin look. 

- Luxurious packaging
- Hydrating
- Makes the skin look healthy and luminous 
-  A little product goes a long way 
- Comes with pump 

- Not travel friendly because it's heavy and bottle is made of glass
- Doesn't make foundation last longer 
- Not suitable for oily skin


I hope this review was helpful for everyone who is looking for a dewy illuminating primer! I'm currently searching for a good primer for summer, something that can keep me matte and increase the longevity of my foundation! Any suggestions? Currently thinking of trying the Hourglass Veil but please leave your suggestions down in the comment down below, I would love to know!  

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Feel free to follow me on my other social media platforms (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee)


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