"Work Of Heart" Sportgirl Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches ♥

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Can you believe it, it's already the end of November and we're so close to hitting 2014! This year has gone by so quickly, its so weird!! But at the same time, i'm excited because i love the month of December because it means that i finally get my 6 week summer holidays yay!! 

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a review on the 'Work of Heart" Eyeshadow palette, there's actually a typo in the photo above but i was too lazy to fix it so please excuse that hehe ^~^ For those who don't live in Australia probably won't be very familiar with Sportsgirl! Sportsgirl is a basically a fashion store that sells really nice women's clothing, accessories, bags and makeup! This is the first time I've ever tried their makeup brand and I received this as a gift from my sister so a shout out to her hehe thank youu <3 

Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Argan Hair Serum Review ♥

Hi everyone ^_^ 

How has your week been?? I'm so glad its finally Saturday, I've been so tired going to school and i've been bombarded with assignments and home work! It's good to have a two days rest >_< Back to the main topic though,  if you didn't know yet, I've dyed my hair about 3 times before and because of that, my hair has become dry and unruly :( Due to having school, i've had no time to pamper my hair, which is probably the reason why.

Like legit,  it looks so dead, but i really don't want to cut it because every time i tell the hairdresser to cut really little, they end up snipping like 3 inches off :( Can anyone relate!? Or is it just me...*Awkward silence*. So I decided to search for a remedy to treat my dry hair!!

When I was watching Michelle phan's video, she suggested Sally Hershbergers spray treatment so I decided to try it since she had dyed her hair many times previously and it still looks amazing, so I figured that this was probably the secret to her nice hair ;P When I looked online though I either couldn't find a site that shipped the spray on treatment to where I lived or the shipping costed more than the actual product. 

Of course I then went on eBay and found this treatment oil instead. Although it wasn't the spray on treatment, I figured that this product, being from the same brand, would still do the same wonders to my hair!

[REVIEW] Elite 3 in 1 Cream ♥

Hi Everyone!!

I'm finally back with a product review! Sorry for the lack of reviews lately, I haven't had the time to take pictures of swatches and stuff so i didn't want to upload them yet!! But today, I've got a review on a product that many of you guys probably wouldn't have heard of unless you follow the Beauty Guru, Shantea Mac (luvableviet) on Youtube. She's a Vietnamese beauty guru and the sister of Lili Mac (Lilisimply). She has really nice skin and she recommended this Vietnamese cream that she swears by in one of her video and sells them on her own online shop - Loveshantea

As you would've probably already guessed from the title, its called the Elite 3 in 1 cream. It's a whitening cream and she recommended it to those who want a whiter complexion and those who want to get rid of acne. I've suffered from acne since i was young so when i heard of this miracle cream, i wanted to get my hands on it real quick. The price did make me cringe because it costed $30 + $12 shipping and as a student, that's pretty expensive. Plus, there weren't many reviews about this cream online so i wasn't sure if it was legit, but i decided to take the risk, because you'd do anything for pretty skin right? :P 

Fashion Haul! Ft. Temt, Valleygirl, Kate Hill and Sportsgirl! ♥

Hi everyone! 

Today I have a haul post for all of you guys! You guys must be so sick of seeing my hauls, but i'm really busy at the moment  and i will try and get more reviews up next week :) 

Once again, its a haul from my favourite fashion stores, Temt and Valleygirl as well as Sportsgirl and Kate Hill. Temt and Valleygirl were having a store wide 30% off sales so i couldn't help but buy a few things here and there. And as for Sportsgirl and Kate Hill, my sister and I just decided to drop by to pick up two handbags that were on sale :) 

[Review] Missha M Super Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner Black ♥

Hi Everyone! 

As promised in a couple of posts back, I said I'd review all the products that i purchased in my Jolse Haul which you can check out HERE! I was actually super excited about this particular eyeliner because this is the first time i've used a potted liquid liner. For around 2  years, I've only tried pen liquid liners because they're just so easy to use and control. But since the pen eyeliners which I've been using have recently all decided to run out at once, i took this chance to try a potted liquid liner by Missha, a brand which I've heard a million times, but never tried a single product! 


"Long lasting Liquid type eyeliner to keep eye line clear and delicate with its powerful water proof effect

Create easy and speedy makeup while being dried quickly

Recommended for :

Women who want to keep clear eye makeup all day long against sweat or sebum on the eye areas

Women who want to keep gorgeous eye makeup even in the swimming pool or beach"

As mentioned in my Jolse Haul post, i thought the packaging was very pretty and sophisticated. The gold stripe and navy blue combination makes the product look very high class and of high quality! However, i really shouldn't be judging a product based on how they look right?? Quality is what its really about ^_^ The actual eyeliner pot is pretty small, about 2 cm in height, but the brush and handle is pretty long which is great for holding and makes the eyeliner easier to control which is awesome :P (since I'm a noob at using pot liquid liners~) 

I actually have no idea how much product this contains, judging by the container, i'm guessing like 3g! It might seem a little but I've been using it for a month and it still seems like there's a lot left! I might do an update later to inform you guys how long it actually las