Fashion Haul! Ft. Temt, Valleygirl, Kate Hill and Sportsgirl! ♥

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Today I have a haul post for all of you guys! You guys must be so sick of seeing my hauls, but i'm really busy at the moment  and i will try and get more reviews up next week :) 

Once again, its a haul from my favourite fashion stores, Temt and Valleygirl as well as Sportsgirl and Kate Hill. Temt and Valleygirl were having a store wide 30% off sales so i couldn't help but buy a few things here and there. And as for Sportsgirl and Kate Hill, my sister and I just decided to drop by to pick up two handbags that were on sale :) 

From Temt i bought this checkered blue, red and white crop tie shirt. I thought the colours looked really refreshing and the patterns were simple, great for an everyday summer outfit which can be fitted with a pair of coloured or denim shorts or if it gets a bit chilly, it would go well with jeans :) This costed $14.95. 

I also bought a pair of these coral coloured shorts from Temt because i liked bright vibrant coloured outfits especially for during Summer and Spring Time! It just looks really good being colourful rather than dull, cliche black and white. This costed $9.95

Valley Girl - 30% everything in store 

I think I have a thing for checkered clothes! This one really caught my eyes! I love the studded designs on the collar and would look good unbuttoned with a black singlet underneath for a simple chic look. Like the outfit below ^_^ 
Disclaimer: I do not own this particular picture, credits go towards the owner of this photo that i found on google ~ 

I bought a pair of flats with a ribbon embellishment at the front. I thought that the blue colour was very unique and goes with my colourful outfit schemes hehe :D They're also very comfortable and only costed $13.95 

My sister bought this chiffon floral top with a denim design at the top. It looked comfortable and was great for Spring because it has the floral embellishments on the top. 

Lastly i just bought a black singlet because i can wear it with any outfit or underneath any outfit. Also because it was pretty cheap for a singlet :) this costed $3.47. 

Kate Hill 

To be honest, i only have one black handbag that i use when i go everywhere. I have other bags but really i can only be bothered to use that one because it just takes too much time to move all my stuff from one bag to another. And besides, its a black bag so it pretty much suits any outfit hehe *inserts excuse for being lazy*. Anywayyyys, so the only time i ever use another bag other than my one is when i see a really pretty one, and my sister recently purchased this Kate Hill Bag when the store was having a 20% off sale. I pretty much fell in love with it when i saw it inside the shopping bag! The colours are just so pretty and you can tell that it's top quality for the price you pay! Hopefully she'll share this with me because i really like it heheh :P I added this to my haul post for the sake of showing you guys how pretty this bag was >_< I want my own but there's no point buying the same bag twice i guess... -_-

We also bought this wallet, which also has the most prettiest and most amazing design everrr! The colour is so gorgeous and I'm once again in love with the ribbon and lock embellishment! Its so simple yet girly! It costed $30. But it has so many compartments so its totally worth it!~ 

Sportsgirl ♥

The last thing that my sister and i got was this handbag. This bag was from Sportsgirl and was reduced from $59.95 to $19.95. Again, the studded designs are really chic and eye catching. Because the bag is black and white it pretty much suits any sort of outfit that you wear :) It also comes with an extra bag strap which you can attach to the handbag to make it a side bag, which is pretty awesome!

Thanks everyone for reading as always! 
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Which Item from this haul did you like the most? :) ♥ 

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