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As promised in a couple of posts back, I said I'd review all the products that i purchased in my Jolse Haul which you can check out HERE! I was actually super excited about this particular eyeliner because this is the first time i've used a potted liquid liner. For around 2  years, I've only tried pen liquid liners because they're just so easy to use and control. But since the pen eyeliners which I've been using have recently all decided to run out at once, i took this chance to try a potted liquid liner by Missha, a brand which I've heard a million times, but never tried a single product! 


"Long lasting Liquid type eyeliner to keep eye line clear and delicate with its powerful water proof effect

Create easy and speedy makeup while being dried quickly

Recommended for :

Women who want to keep clear eye makeup all day long against sweat or sebum on the eye areas

Women who want to keep gorgeous eye makeup even in the swimming pool or beach"

As mentioned in my Jolse Haul post, i thought the packaging was very pretty and sophisticated. The gold stripe and navy blue combination makes the product look very high class and of high quality! However, i really shouldn't be judging a product based on how they look right?? Quality is what its really about ^_^ The actual eyeliner pot is pretty small, about 2 cm in height, but the brush and handle is pretty long which is great for holding and makes the eyeliner easier to control which is awesome :P (since I'm a noob at using pot liquid liners~) 

I actually have no idea how much product this contains, judging by the container, i'm guessing like 3g! It might seem a little but I've been using it for a month and it still seems like there's a lot left! I might do an update later to inform you guys how long it actually las

Swatches + Tests

I really like how the brush applicator for this eyeliner is very flexible because it means that you can create both a thin eyeliner look or work it into a thick winged eyeliner look, depending on your personal preferences! If you're not used to using potted liquid liners, it might be a bit difficult to use at the beginning but after a few times, you'll find it quite easy to control to get the perfect liner looks! 

The formula of this eyeliner is very wet and it does take around 1 minute to completely dry, so during that 1 minute it's best if you don't look up or make sudden eye movements of it will smudge everywhere and get messy! After that 1 minute however, it becomes very nice and dry and it won't smudge or budge even if you're rubbing extremely hard ^_^ (Which you can see in the swatch below!) 

Rub Test: 

As you can see after the eyeliner has dried, even when you rub it really hard, it stays put! There is no signs of smudging or flaking which means that if you have this on your eyes and you rub them really hard, you can be sure that you won't be getting any panda eyes! *yay*

Water + Rub Test

In the description of this eyeliner, Missha states that it is waterproof! I thought I'd show you guys whether this product works up to its expectations or not. Obviously i ran it under water and...

It stayed put! The water just ran over and the eyeliner stayed as it was.
However... I then ran my finger over it to see if it would smudge and as you can see below it came to disappoint :( 
It didn't live up to its expectations and it was definitely not waterproof! But, the good thing is that it doesn't smudge everywhere, it kind of just becomes shriveled up and flakes off. In a way it is a good thing but to me its a bad thing. I went to work with this eyeliner on and it stayed put beautifully for around 3 hours, but when i accidentally squeezed lemon juice into my eyes i had to quickly wash it out in the bathroom. I was in such shock when i just saw my eyeliner on one eye practically come off in one strip leaving me with eyeliner on one eye and a few flakey black pieces on the other. I had to go through the rest of the night with uneven eyeliner and it was soo embarrassing >_< So for all you girly's out there, this eyeliner may be great, but be careful if you decide to come in contact with water! 


The Verdict ♥

Packaging: ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5

As i mentioned above, i'm a HUGE fan of the packaging of this eyeliner! I love the gold and navy combination, it looks simple yet elegant and looks really pretty just sitting there on my make up desk! Do you guys like the packaging? I think Missha does a good job with all their packaging so thumbs up for them ^_^~ 

Performance: ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5 

Overall, I am really happy with how this eyeliner performs! It's very pigmented and the colour is extremely black which i really like! You don't have to use much product because the brush can pick up a lot of eyeliner in one go, so you don't have to keep dipping it back into the little pot. The brush is really easy to control and the colour just comes out so much better than pen liquid liners. The formula is wet which means it applies smoothly. But be careful and make sure that you let it dry for a little while before looking up or curling your lashes because it will get everywhere. The only other cons is that it definitely isn't waterproof and no you probably couldn't go swimming with this eyeliner (as it claims) on because you'll most likely come out of the water realizing that half your eyeliner is missing, floating in the water. Other than that, if you don't come in contact with water, it can stay on for many hours without coming off. It's also very easy to remove with makeup remover, so you don't have to worry about having to rub your eyes really hard to get it off! 

Price: ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5 

I bought this for $10 from Jolse and I think that its a really reasonable price for a Korean branded eyeliner. It does a pretty good job for the price you pay because I know Dolly Wink Liquid liners or K-palette  can cost around $18 for a similar amount of product that you get. 
So $10 is a great deal! Grab it while you can~ 

Would I Repurchase? 

Yes, I definitely would! I'll just make sure that i stay as far away from water as possible. 
I also figured that i can first apply a layer of K-palette eyeliner first before i apply this to darken and intensify my eyes more, so that even if i do come in contact with water and the missha eyeliner falls off, i'll still have a K-palette underneath to prevent uneven eyeliner- if that makes sense ;P 

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