Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Argan Hair Serum Review ♥

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How has your week been?? I'm so glad its finally Saturday, I've been so tired going to school and i've been bombarded with assignments and home work! It's good to have a two days rest >_< Back to the main topic though,  if you didn't know yet, I've dyed my hair about 3 times before and because of that, my hair has become dry and unruly :( Due to having school, i've had no time to pamper my hair, which is probably the reason why.

Like legit,  it looks so dead, but i really don't want to cut it because every time i tell the hairdresser to cut really little, they end up snipping like 3 inches off :( Can anyone relate!? Or is it just me...*Awkward silence*. So I decided to search for a remedy to treat my dry hair!!

When I was watching Michelle phan's video, she suggested Sally Hershbergers spray treatment so I decided to try it since she had dyed her hair many times previously and it still looks amazing, so I figured that this was probably the secret to her nice hair ;P When I looked online though I either couldn't find a site that shipped the spray on treatment to where I lived or the shipping costed more than the actual product. 

Of course I then went on eBay and found this treatment oil instead. Although it wasn't the spray on treatment, I figured that this product, being from the same brand, would still do the same wonders to my hair!

This costed me around $16 AUD for 50ml of product although the actual bottle looked pretty small! The words that were printed at the front of the bottle looked promising and I couldn't wait to try it!!

The product comes with a pump top and instructions state that you should only pump a little each time because one small pump can go a long way! 

After trying it out I decided that 2 full pumps was enough for treating the full hair - one pump for one half and another for the other. I did find that applying this when the hair is around 80% dry is the best time because it absorbs the best during that time. This oil actually makes my hair so much smoother and a lot easier to comb through. I also noticed that I was getting less knots on my hair and it looked a lot shinier but not oily ( if that makes sense?). I don't know how to describe the smell but I like it and it's bearable for those who don't like scented products! :) I guess it smells like argan + coconut oil combined?? ;P

I've been using this for around a month now and I have to say that if I use this consistently, I do feel that my hair is looking healthier but if I skip some days where I'm lazy or if I forget to apply it, it doesn't look as great. The effect lasts 1-2 days but after that it becomes dry and unruly again. 

Sorry about the bad lighting in the Swatch above, but it was the only picture that I had. Basically all I wanted to show you guys was the consistency of this hair serum! It's in between runny and thick, just like olive oil. If you rub it in to the palm of your hands, you can then evenly distribute it to your hair. 

Verdict ♥

Packaging: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

I think the packaging is alright. It's very simple but looks professional at the same time! I like how the they have a pump that distributes just enough product to use, i really don't like those products which have pumps that distribute a whole heap of product and you have to end up finding a way to put it back into its container, so i'm glad that this hair serum isn't like that. The simplicity is really nice and i like the gold brand label it makes it look high class. The bottle is also small and convenient so its easy to bring when travelling. 

Price: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

At first when i saw how small the container was, i pretty much thought that it was a total rip off for the price i paid but when i used it for a little longer, i realised that this can last a really long time so paying about $16 for this is quite cheap. 

Performance: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

My hair is extremely dead so it takes a lot of effort to make it look like its healthy. This product helps make my hair revive its shininess and smoothness however, it doesn't last for days and it's one of those products that you have to continuously use for the best results. I've been lazy and skipping days in between so i haven't been seeing long term effects but for the days that i have been using it, it has been making my hair look and feel smoother. I really like it and i would definitely repurchase. The only downside of this product is that it's not readily available where i live so i can only purchase it from online stores. Lucky to all those people who live in the US and have 24/7 access to these amazing products!! 

Thanks everyone for reading this post and i shall have a post up next week again so don't forget to tune in on Saturday~ 


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