[Review] Dying Hair with Liese Bubble Dye!

Hello Everyone! 

Its been a while since i've last posted, thanks for everyone who had previously commented on my last haul post! Today i'm back with a review about a hair dye that has been highly recommended by many people online so i decided i'd write my on review on it :) 

I first began dying my hair around 3 years ago at a professional salon in Hong Kong. I got it done at a professional salon because i had tried to dye it with regular drugstore hair dyes like L'Oreal but because my hair is naturally very black it didn't give the results that i had anticipated. The salon in Hong Kong did a great job and i was able to get a chocolate brown result. Since then, I decided to attempt to dye my hair at home with box dyes since my hair was lighter. Bubzbeauty, a beauty guru on youtube recommended Liese, a Japanese brand hair dye, so i thought why not give it a try since it worked on her :) 
Liese Milk Tea Brown Bubble Hair dye
$70 HKD

This is a picture of my hair before it was dyed 

[Jewellery haul] Lovisa + Equip ♥

Hello Everyone :) 

I'm back after a week of horrible exams! On the good side, i'm taking this week off because all my exams were squished up in week one whilst everyone else has to finish theirs off this week. 've recently bought a Jewellery mirror cabinet and inside there's lots of space to put your rings, necklaces and other cosmetics. It was only after i bought it, that i realized i hardly had any jewellery. This gave me the perfect opportunity to do some jewellery shopping since i had the time! 

[HAUL + REVIEW] Sasa.com

Hello everyone, 
 (Please excuse the bad photo quality and image effect, this was the only photo i had haha) 

Anyways getting on with the blog post, Sasa.com is a Asian beauty and cosmetic store that operates online selling thousands of products. I had seen Sasa stores back when I visited Hong Kong for the holidays but i rarely went inside because, one, i wasn't really interested in cosmetics back then, and two, the sales assistance would like to insult you as much as possible in order to get you to purchase their most expensive sheet masks or night creams, which to me, was pretty annoying. 

However when I was randomly browsing online last year i found this site and i was like oh, that's great, now i can purchase everything i need off this site without having to walk in physically into stores and get insulted about every flaw that i have...
 So this site basically operates like any other online store, where it allows you to browse ranges of products, add them to your cart and every now and then it'll have sales and free shipping offers. It is my No.1 Asian cosmetics online store. Onto the haul, i actually purchases quite a few things off the site and i'll show you everything i bought plus a quick review and ratings 
Koji Eyelash Curler no. 73 (34mm)
$5.10 AUD
I wasn't really desperate for an eyelash curler at the time so i just wanted to experiment with different brands and different sized curlers. When i saw this one on Sasa i thought it was perfect because it was super cheap and it looked like it was of pretty good quality. However when i actually tested it out, i found it was very loose and the handles were quite flimsy. On the good side it fits the eye really well because its so wide and you don't need to put much pressure into curling the lashes, however i felt that it didn't curl the lashes very well. Because i have asian eyes and short lashes i felt that this curler resulted in a very "L" shaped lashes. it curled up but in a stiff straight way not the nice "western eyelashes" curly way. But overall, for a product that was only $5, i'm pretty satisfied.  
Rating: 3/5
Would i purchase again? Probably Not, i'll most likely try other brands in the market.