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Anyways getting on with the blog post, Sasa.com is a Asian beauty and cosmetic store that operates online selling thousands of products. I had seen Sasa stores back when I visited Hong Kong for the holidays but i rarely went inside because, one, i wasn't really interested in cosmetics back then, and two, the sales assistance would like to insult you as much as possible in order to get you to purchase their most expensive sheet masks or night creams, which to me, was pretty annoying. 

However when I was randomly browsing online last year i found this site and i was like oh, that's great, now i can purchase everything i need off this site without having to walk in physically into stores and get insulted about every flaw that i have...
 So this site basically operates like any other online store, where it allows you to browse ranges of products, add them to your cart and every now and then it'll have sales and free shipping offers. It is my No.1 Asian cosmetics online store. Onto the haul, i actually purchases quite a few things off the site and i'll show you everything i bought plus a quick review and ratings 
Koji Eyelash Curler no. 73 (34mm)
$5.10 AUD
I wasn't really desperate for an eyelash curler at the time so i just wanted to experiment with different brands and different sized curlers. When i saw this one on Sasa i thought it was perfect because it was super cheap and it looked like it was of pretty good quality. However when i actually tested it out, i found it was very loose and the handles were quite flimsy. On the good side it fits the eye really well because its so wide and you don't need to put much pressure into curling the lashes, however i felt that it didn't curl the lashes very well. Because i have asian eyes and short lashes i felt that this curler resulted in a very "L" shaped lashes. it curled up but in a stiff straight way not the nice "western eyelashes" curly way. But overall, for a product that was only $5, i'm pretty satisfied.  
Rating: 3/5
Would i purchase again? Probably Not, i'll most likely try other brands in the market.

Nexcare Acne Dressing (36 pieces)
$5.60 AUD
I have acne prone and oily skin and can easily break out from sleeping late to eating a few potato chips. When this was advertised on Sasa.com i immediately clicked add to cart. I saw that sasa.com reviews had given it five stars and the written reviews talked about how heavenly this product was and how it saved their face from breakouts. I was immediately convinced and i couldn't wait for the product to come! This acne dressing came with 36 stickers of different sizes to suit the size of your pimples. I tried this on different types of acne and figured that it doesn't really work with cystic acne but it helps with removing the white centers from the "Pustules acne", kind of like a softer and more gentle way of popping a pimples. Its probably much more hygienic too as it protects the pimples from getting bacteria and infecting it. Overall this product doesn't really help with  the size of your pimple, instead it works as a protective layer to stop it from getting infected and from picking your pimples. 
Rating: 3/5
Would i repurchase? - No, i'll stick with acne creams and serums

Laneige Water sleeping pack: minis pack
$15.70 AUD

This is the Laneige water sleeping mask and it is one of Laneige's Best Selling product as well as an award winning product. My skin had been feeling a bit dry from the weather as winter is coming soon. I could choose between 3x15ml or the 80ml one but i didn't feel like investing $20 or so dollars on a product which i hadn't yet tried and i didn't desperately need it so i chose this package which is small, cute and easy to bring with me on travel. When i opened it up, the consistency is very wet and the texture is very smooth. The colour is blue-ish in colour however when you put it on your face its clear, so you don't have to worry about going to sleep with blue face! The only downside is that from reading reviews the 80ml one comes with a spatula to scoop the product out for sanitary reasons but this one didn't come with one so i had to dip my finger inside the product to scoop it out, which wasn't very sanitary but there was nothing i could do. The product feel so cooling on the skin like cucumbers on the skin and it smells so nice. The next morning my face would feel so hydrates and plump and putting on makeup looked even more smoother. I'm very happy with this product and i think now that i've tried it, i wouldn't mind investing further towards this. 
Rating: 5/5
Would i repurchase? : Yes, Definitely! 

Juju Cosmetics: Aquamoist hyluronic acid whitening lotion
$14.90 AUD
I read from Bubzbeauty's blogs that JUJU aqua moist products worked really well on her skin so i decided to give it a try since she has really nice skin and so i'm pretty sure this product will satisfy me. I use this product as a toner even though it says lotion. The consistency is kind of like water and when its applied to the face it feels very refreshing and light. The product smells really nice as well. For the price they give you a lot of the product (its 150 ml) and I've been using it for 2 months and there's still around 1/4 of it left. The only down side is that it says its a whitening lotion however, i don't see the whitening effects happening. But overall as a toner it feels really refreshing. 
Rating: 4/5 (If the whitening effect worked it would have been an amazing product)
Would i repurchase: Yes, of course, its fairy cheap and work well for acne prone skin. 

Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Washing Foam
$6.50 AUD 
When looking through the Juju Aquamoist products on Sasa, this was one of the best sellers from the line and since i was thinking about buying the toner i thought why not buy another product on their line so both products work together to achieve an even greater effect. The price was what really caught my attention. For such a brand i thought their cleansers would be more expensive but it was only $6 so it was a "Must-try" for me. The product comes out in a white colour like toothpaste and is very thick in consistency. You have to apply lots of water for it to work into a foamy lather. The product smells alright, kind of like what a typical moisturizer would smell like. It helps control the oil on my skin throughout the day and works well when used together with the toner. 
Rating: 4/5
Would i repurchase? : Yes of course! I've already stocked up so supply never runs out!

Cyber Colours Aquabase Pudding Foundation
I bought it for around $24 when it was on sale but now its around $28.2 AUD
This is one of my last purchases of this haul and its the Cyber colours aqua base pudding foundation.  I've nearly finished the foundation that i had bought awhile ago so i decided to search for another one since i was doing a bit of shopping (might as well get it all in one go). This one had really good reviews and i've seen this brand around when i go shopping in Hong Kong so i figured it was a pretty good brand. This is the first product i've tried from Cyber Colour and it came in a really cute metallic box package. Inside, it came with a spatula for hygiene reasons which is a really good idea i think. The smell was a bit florally and i didn't really like it, but since i bought such a big tub i'd just have to put up with it. The application is very smooth and it blends really well with your skintone. (There are only two colours to choose from, so i'm guessing it can adapt with your skintone like bb cream). Overall it had a very even application and gave a smooth finish. I personally really liked it and it was really good because i have dry skin and so the pudding texture doesn't make the skin flake which is a plus (who would want to go out with flaky skin!?) 
Rating: 4/5 (the smell was a bit :\ , but the overall product made me really pleased) 
Would i repurchase? Yes, but i think this jar will last me a while because its quite big in size! 

I received free lashes from Sasa for purchasing their products, they're pretty cute but i haven't tried them out yet. They look really easy to apply and good for the corners of your eyes where you can't usually reach in with full fake lashes. I think they'll look very natural as well. I'll do a blog post when i test them out :) (by the way , i think the promotion is still on, so if you want to check it out to purchase some cyber colour products and get some free lashes, go to sasa.com !! ) 

Sorry for the long post ! Hope you enjoyed looking at my haul and review!

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