May Wishlist♥

Hi Everyone!! :) 

So after reading a lot of blogs over the past year, I figured that a lot of bloggers like to write Monthly favourite posts and wishlists. But because I don't usually buy new products each month and don't have favourites all the time, I decided to put together a wishlist together because who doesn't have a never ending list of what they want ;P If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you may have already seen this but I decided to write a more detailed post about it! 

OOTD | Pop of colour ♥

Hey everyone!! 

How are you all!? For me, it's been a really stressful week because I had three exams that were really close to each other but thank god it's finally over ^_^ I hope you have all had a lovely week and today I'm back with an outfit post! Shoutout to my sister for helping me take these photos for me :)  

Review | Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity ♥

 Hi Everyone!! 

Today I'm back with a review that many of you guys requested for on my Honest Skin Haul Post! I'm actually pretty excited to review this as well because I've been wanting to try this since the day I received this! If you're interested in knowing more about this product, keep reading on :) 

Brand: Banila Co
NameClean It Zero Purity 
Price: $13.42 USD *ON SALE NOW* 
Weight: 100mL
Where to purchase: Honest Skin 
Description: "Sherbet type of cleanser that cleanses sensitive skin without irritation with Ecocert natural oils. 5 Non additives texture that minimises stress cleanses makeup and impurities gently. Herb soothes damaged skin by external environment. Hollyhock extract takes care of rough skin to be flexible. 5 Non additives (Non colours, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and paraben)" - Honest Skin Website

Priceline Beauty Haul ♥

Hi Everyone!! 

Second week back to school and I'm already super tired and lacking sleep ==;
*Sighs* I really can't wait to go to Uni - I really hate worrying about the HSC everyday!! But anyways, a really long time ago, Priceline were having a 50% off sale on all cosmetics and makeup in store, so I couldn't resist going in! 

I didn't actually have anything in mind that I really wanted to buy but I looked around the store and these are the things that I picked up out of curiosity! 

Dark and Mysterious | OOTD ♥

Hey Everyone! 

A few weeks back, I was invited to one of my friends 17th Birthday party and the theme was "Dark And Mysterious"!  Initially, I had no idea what to wear but then I got really excited when I remembered that I had purchased a new crop top from Temt a few days ago and this was the perfect opportunity to wear it :) 

The Beauty Tag ♥

Hi Everyone! 

So I just started term 2 of school yesterday and I'm already loaded with homework but because I'm bored and all, I decided to do the Beauty Tag in which I was tagged by the lovely Sonja! Thank you so much for tagging me :) 

Without further ado, i'm gonna get into the tag ^_^ Hope you enjoy!