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So after reading a lot of blogs over the past year, I figured that a lot of bloggers like to write Monthly favourite posts and wishlists. But because I don't usually buy new products each month and don't have favourites all the time, I decided to put together a wishlist together because who doesn't have a never ending list of what they want ;P If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you may have already seen this but I decided to write a more detailed post about it! 

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Dinky Rose Tone White Leather Watch ♥
I've never really found a need to use a watch before because if I ever need to check the time, I just use my phone because it's so much quicker and when I used to wear watched, it would leave me with rashes on my wrist >_< But lately, I've been looking at watches online and I came across this one. I instantly fell in love with it because of my obsession over rose gold! I think the white and rose gold go really well together and it would look so pretty! So definitely at the top of my wishlist! 

2. Michael Kors Black Hamilton Large North South Tote Bag 
I always find myself walking in to MK stores and walking back out because I'm scared that if I stay there any longer, I'm going to want to buy everything that they have instores haha :P I've really been loving this particular MK bag because of the chunky gold detailing on it! I think it just makes the bag look really chic and would look really good for everyday use! 

3. Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera 
I know a lot of people these days are really loving the Fujifilm instax mini camera because of the fun colours that they have and the cute appearance, however, I think this Polaroid camera has even better features! Has anyone ever had the dilemma where you take a picture with a polaroid and you just look really bad in it but you can't change it because it's already developing? Well this polaroid camera lets you take pictures with it like a digital camera and afterwards you can choose which ones that you actually want to develop into a polaroid picture! What's even cooler is that you can print multiple copies of the same photo and can be peeled off and used as a sticker! Sounds pretty awesome right? I love it and I would love to try it out one day!!

4. Jeffrey Campbells Lita ♥ 
These shoes have literally been on my wishlist since forever! They're the most gorgeous pairs of platform boots ever and I really love the design of them! The only reason why I haven't bought them yet is because I don't know when I'd wear these because I hardly ever wear heels but they look super comfy and I will definitely buy these one day haha ;P 

That's it to my May Wishlist and I really hope you guys enjoyed reading about all the things that I've been wanting lately! Feel free to comment down below if you like these kinds of post so I can write more in the future and comment down below things that are on your current wishlist, because I'd LOVE to know ^_^ 

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Hope you all have an amazing week! 

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