Review | Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Colour ♥

Helloo everyone! 

Today I'm back with another product review for the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour that was sent to me by Honest Skin earlier this month !  It is currently on sale at the moment on Honest skin so if you're interested in purchasing this product after reading my review definitely go and check it out, I'll be leaving the links down below :) 

Brand: Etude House
Name: Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour 
Price: $5.72 USD
Weight: 10g
Shade: PK002
Where to purchase: Honest Skin 
Description: "Sweet color and a stick looking finish parts of the face everywhere Lovely face clothed given the natural color animation finished!" - Etude House

Ibuybeauti is looking for Beauty Bloggers! ♥

Hey everyone! 

This is just a quick post for all beauty bloggers out there who may not have heard about Ibuybeauti! Within these two weeks Ibuybeauti are searching for 5-10 beauty bloggers to be part of their blogger program to review products for them to post it up on the Beautifan website!

It's super simple to apply, all you have to do is send an email to along with the following details about yourself:

  1. Name
  2. Age 
  3. Skin Type 
  4. Country 
  5. Blog Address
  6. Link to your best review
  7. Brief Self Intro
Everyone should try applying for this - test your luck, maybe you'll get a place in their program ^_^ I wish everyone GOOD LUCK! 

Don't forget to Check out to see their wide selection of Korean beauty products. And keep up to date to see the winner announcements and more information about this on Marxie's Blog 

Fifi ♥

One Year Blogiversary! A Touch of Floral | OOTD ♥

Hey Everyone! 

Before we start, I'm super happy because I'm proud to say that it's officially my One year Blogiversary!! It seriously doesn't feel like I've been blogging away for one entire year. I've met so many new blogger friends during my blogging journey and I never ever thought I'd get followers who like to read and follow my blog. Last year during this time, i posted up my first ever post on floral nails that i recreated so in celebration of my one year blogiversary, this post will feature floral prints as well. Also, a blogiversary giveaway is coming up as well, so don't forget to follow me to keep updated - I'm so thankful for every single one of my readers :) 

Anyways, back to the topic of outfits, in Australia, we're in the middle of Autumn and getting closer and closer to Winter - the month I despise the most. I really don't like Winter fashion because it typically consists of a lot of dull boring colours. So in this outfit, I decided to incorporate a bit of bright colours and floral prints to spice up the dull season. 

Review | 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment in Mink Beige ♥

Hii Everyone!! 

How are you all?? I'm actually so sad because one week of my holidays is already over and i feel like i haven't done anything productive at all other than sleeping lolol. Today, I'll be sharing my review on the 3CE Lip pigment that was kindly sent to me by Honest Skin! They are currently having a promotion where all 3CE products are having 20% off right now, so go check it out ^_^

Brand: 3 Concept Eyes
Name: Lip pigment
Price: $13.14 USD
Weight: 11g 
Shade: Mink Beige
Where to purchase: Honest Skin 
Description: "Beige is great for creating new colours! When mixed with others, it tones down and gives off a warm & soft colour. Depending on how much beige you're using, you can get a wide variety of colours" - Stylenanda

So, I've never tried 3CE products before but I know that it's super popular in Korea because of the famous Park Sora! I'm sure you'd all be familiar with Park Sora, she's the South korean model for 3CE and she's soo pretty! There are currently 7 shades of the lip pigment that you can choose from.

Rocking the Peplum Top - OOTD ♥

Hello Everyone!! 

Today I'm back with a quick OOTD post! I think i should just put out there now (for those who don't visit my blog often) that peplum and chiffon tops are my favourite types of clothing ever, if you see me on the streets I'll most likely be rocking one or the other hehe! Is anyone out there a fan of peplum tops? I think they're really cute because it flows out at the bottom and you can wear it with anything from shorts to jeans to tights! 

Haul | Honest Skin Skincare + Makeup Haul ♥

Heyy Everyone!!! 

How are you all? I'm so over school at the moment, ughh have 3 more days until term break! So excited ahaha, i already have my holidays all planned out with my friends, we're trying to have as much fun as possible before we get bombarded with assessments and the HSC in October! Anyways, back on topic, it feels so weird not posting on Satuday's like I usually do but it's because I've got pretty exciting news! I'd like to introduce my first sponsor Honest Skin!

Honest skin is an online Korean cosmetics store that I've recently discovered and it's pretty similar to W2beauty and Jolse except their prices are a lot cheaper! They offer 29 Korean cosmetics brands ranging from Etude House to 3CE to Banila Co. Currently they're having a 20% off sales on all Missha items so you should definitely check it out because they're prices are really low and there's a lot of products that you can choose from! They don't offer free shipping however if you sign up for the first time they'll give you a free $2 voucher that you can use which is pretty cool right? Oh and i forgot to mention how quickly their shipping is plus they provide tracking number so that you can keep track of where your package is going: 

Order Shipped: Wednesday 26th March 2014 
Order Arrived: Tuesday 8th April 2014
Overall: 13 days to arrive

So onto the things that I was sent by Honest Skin. In the photo I had already unpackaged everything so I could get a clear photo of everything but before that, all the products were nicely individually wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap so you can be sure that the products that you've ordered are safe and sound when they arrive at your door step!

Etude House Goodbye Pore ever Primer Essence ♥

Hello everyone!! 

Today I'm back with a review on the Etude House Goodbye Pore ever Pore primer Essence which was highly requested back in my W2beauty Haul post! So here it guys, after a few months haha! Anyways, I first decided to buy this because I saw a video by ahyedizzy  on YouTube about it and it seemed like it was a really good primer. I have a lot of open big pores around my nose area so this sounded like the perfect solution. Many of you have probably already heard of this product before and know that its a dupe of the Benefit Porefessional. I personally haven't tried Benefit's famous porefessional before so therefore I can't really compare Etude House to Benefit. 

Brand: Benefit cosmetics
Name: Gimme Brow
Price: W2beauty - $15.94 AUD
Jolse -  $9.61 AUD 
Weight: 20mL 
Description: "Smooth and velvety soft primer dries to a matte finish, minimizing the look of enlarged pores and crontrolling sebum production, greatly imporving makeup longaevity and wearing power in the process. To use, after cleansing and toning, apply an even layer of primer all over the T-zone, adding an additional layer over areas with pronounced pores. Follow with foundation and point makeup" - YesStyle Website