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How are you all?? I'm actually so sad because one week of my holidays is already over and i feel like i haven't done anything productive at all other than sleeping lolol. Today, I'll be sharing my review on the 3CE Lip pigment that was kindly sent to me by Honest Skin! They are currently having a promotion where all 3CE products are having 20% off right now, so go check it out ^_^

Brand: 3 Concept Eyes
Name: Lip pigment
Price: $13.14 USD
Weight: 11g 
Shade: Mink Beige
Where to purchase: Honest Skin 
Description: "Beige is great for creating new colours! When mixed with others, it tones down and gives off a warm & soft colour. Depending on how much beige you're using, you can get a wide variety of colours" - Stylenanda

So, I've never tried 3CE products before but I know that it's super popular in Korea because of the famous Park Sora! I'm sure you'd all be familiar with Park Sora, she's the South korean model for 3CE and she's soo pretty! There are currently 7 shades of the lip pigment that you can choose from.

Image from Stylenanda

And the really cool thing about this particular lip pigment line is that it's made for you to mix colours from the range together to create your own perfect custom shade. I mean, that's pretty cool right! I was sent one of the shades so I can't show you the custom shades but if you look at the diagram below and the video, you'll understand what I'm getting all excited about :P 

Image from Stylenanda

I love the idea of being able to custom make your own lip colour, it's very unique and I'm hoping to purchase some of the other colours from the range so I can try it out myself. I'll be sure to share my custom shade when that happens :)

The packaging is very different to any other lip products that I've ever purchased before because it's not in a typical lipstick form or a typical lip gloss tube with the brush. Instead, it's a small triangular shape with a squeezy tube. It's not designed for you to apply on your lips directly, it's designed for you to squeeze onto your hands and use a brush to apply for the most precise application. I like how it's very hygienic as compared to lip glosses with the brush built in. I also like how the packaging has a strip of colour which corresponds to the actual colour of the lip pigment so if you own all of the shades you can easily recognise which colour you use. This lip pigment contains 11g of product which should last a long time because since its a pigment, you should only need to use a tiny amount per application.

Here's a close up of what the tube looks like. It kind of reminds me of squeezing toothpaste from a tube except a lot less product comes out as compared to toothpaste. Just be sure to wipe the tip after each use of else it can get a bit messy and can get all over the lid, which you don't want!

Swatches ♥

As you can tell this is definitely what you call pigmented. It's pretty wet in consistency (kind of like oil paint). The colour when swatched looks like a coral nude colour which was exactly what I expected. It's such a gorgeous colour and I think it would work really well with a smokey eye so that the lips don't draw the attention away from the eye makeup but it would also work on light makeup if you want that extra pop of colour on the lips but don't want to go all out with the reds and the pinks. 

By the way, despite this colour being so gorgeous on its own, please keep in mind that this particular shade was not designed to be worn by itself, it's meant to be used to tone other colours down when blended so it should look even better when mixed. 

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
  / 5 
This is the 3CE typical packaging, it's very cute , very simple. It might not look as cute as Etude House packaging but I love how they used black as the central colour because it makes everything look very sophisticated and high class. The Packaging is very sturdy so  overall i really like 3CE packaging and because it's small in size i can easily pop this inside my handbag for touch ups during the day.

Price:  ♥  ♥
/ 5 
The price is very reasonable considering how pigmented the lip pigment is and compared to many other brands. As I mentioned, you only need like the tiniest amount to colour the lips. You do get quite a fair bit of product inside the tube which can last a long time so I'd say that the product is definitely worth the price.

Performance:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5
The lip pigment does exactly what it states to do. It's extremely pigmented and it dries to a matte finish more than a glossy finish. However, i probably would've liked it better if it was a bit thicker in consistency so it would be easier to work with. Also it settles into the fine lines of my lips which is one of the downsides

  • Cheap 
  • Small, travel friendly 
  • Highly pigmented 
  • Wide Colour range
  • Unique Packaging
  • Can mix with other colours from range to create new colours - Mink beige is probably the best shade to choose to tone down other colours and make the colours look more creamy 
  •  Sturdy tube
  •  Colour may be more suitable for mixing with other shades rather than using it by itself 
  • Settles into fine lines
Overall - 4.5 / 5 

Thank you everyone for reading my reviews as usual, hope this was somewhat helpful! Definitely don't forget to check out these lip pigments out and if you ever do decide to make custom shades using these, don't forget to share them with me ^_^ 

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*These products were sent to me by Honest Skin for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own

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