Rocking the Peplum Top - OOTD ♥

Hello Everyone!! 

Today I'm back with a quick OOTD post! I think i should just put out there now (for those who don't visit my blog often) that peplum and chiffon tops are my favourite types of clothing ever, if you see me on the streets I'll most likely be rocking one or the other hehe! Is anyone out there a fan of peplum tops? I think they're really cute because it flows out at the bottom and you can wear it with anything from shorts to jeans to tights! 

Excuse my extremely horrible tan line on my legs (I blame school). Anyways, here I've just worn a girly pink laced peplum top and matched it with a pair of denim shorts. Very simple, very casual. I also used a cute side black bag with criss cross patterns, it's small but it can hold everything that I need when i go out (which is basically just my phone and my wallet). I love wearing bangles but sometimes that annoy me when they make clinking noises whenever i move my arm... nevertheless, the bangles that i'm wearing here are really cute and I think it really compliments the whole outfit! 

Pink Peplum Top from Valleygirl 
Denim shorts from Target 
Small Side Bag from Equip 
Bangle set from Equip 
Sandals from Rubi Shoes

A really big thank you for Wendy for helping me take these photos! She has her own fashion blog too so don't forget to check her out at Wendyayay. Also don't forget to comment down below if you liked my outfit or these kinds of post and hit that Follow button on the side ;) - I'll be sure to return the favour hehe (Leave your links below) 


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