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How are you all? I'm so over school at the moment, ughh have 3 more days until term break! So excited ahaha, i already have my holidays all planned out with my friends, we're trying to have as much fun as possible before we get bombarded with assessments and the HSC in October! Anyways, back on topic, it feels so weird not posting on Satuday's like I usually do but it's because I've got pretty exciting news! I'd like to introduce my first sponsor Honest Skin!

Honest skin is an online Korean cosmetics store that I've recently discovered and it's pretty similar to W2beauty and Jolse except their prices are a lot cheaper! They offer 29 Korean cosmetics brands ranging from Etude House to 3CE to Banila Co. Currently they're having a 20% off sales on all Missha items so you should definitely check it out because they're prices are really low and there's a lot of products that you can choose from! They don't offer free shipping however if you sign up for the first time they'll give you a free $2 voucher that you can use which is pretty cool right? Oh and i forgot to mention how quickly their shipping is plus they provide tracking number so that you can keep track of where your package is going: 

Order Shipped: Wednesday 26th March 2014 
Order Arrived: Tuesday 8th April 2014
Overall: 13 days to arrive

So onto the things that I was sent by Honest Skin. In the photo I had already unpackaged everything so I could get a clear photo of everything but before that, all the products were nicely individually wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap so you can be sure that the products that you've ordered are safe and sound when they arrive at your door step!

Banila Co Clean it Zero ♥
- $18.86 USD

I was super excited when I received the package because I had no idea what they were going to send me! I've never tried Banila Co skin care products before, only their primer and I really loved it (there'll be a review about that soon hehe)! My first impression of this product was wow! Such nice packaging! I think lately i've been really obsessed with minty colours so this product really drew my attention! I think this is a makeup remover/cleanser all in one so I can't wait to try this out and share my review on this! I've been using my trusty Juju Aquamoist cleansing oil for the longest time ever so it's going to be nice to give this a shot and see if it compares! 

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask ♥
- $12.57 USD

The next product that I was sent was the Innisfree Clay mask and in the past year I've read sooo many good reviews about this product but I've never actually gotten around to trying the product because I don't really wear clay masks, only sheet masks. But I'm actually so happy that they sent me this product because I finally get to try this out and see if it performs as well as everyone says! The packaging is cute, very typical Innisfree skincare packaging and I love how they're really environmentally friendly, even the outer box was made of recycled paper! 

Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Remover ♥ 
- $7.23 USD

Honest Skin also kindly sent me another makeup remover but this one's by The Face Shop and it's specialised in removing eye and lip makeup! Currently I'm using the Maybelline eye makeup remover to remove eyeliner and mascara. It does a pretty decent job except it leaves my eye feeling very oily and I end up with a lot of residue around the eye area. I looked on the website and it says that this product is made of natural Rice water so it will be interesting to try out!  

This last skincare product that I was sent is super adorable and I've never seen this product before surprisingly since I'm a big fan of The Face Shop! It's a really cute wash off honey mask and looking at the size of it, i think it's intended for one time use! It's so cute and I can't wait to try it out! It really reminds me of those little milk capsules that you get when you go to cafe and stuff haha - love the design! 

- $7.12 USD

Moving on from all the Skincare products, Honest Skin included this Etude House Lip Balm in the package! I love how they've designed it so that it looks like a mini cake in a box, I wish i could eat it up straight away! This one is in PK001 (honestly I never understood why Etude House names the colours of their products like that - it makes it really hard to keep track of what shade of a product you have especially in their lipstick line where they offer like 12 different colours!). But anyways this one is a really cute baby pink colour, super cure colour for a date and when you're feeling extra girly that day ^_^ 

3CE Lip Pigments in Mink Beige ♥
- $13.14 USD

3CE is becoming a really popular Korean cosmetics brand nowadays and it's kinda sad that I've never used their products before! Packaging is simple and I've never owned a lip pigment that comes in a form of a tube like this before! Definitely can't wait to try it! I haven't swatched the product yet but judging from the packaging, I think its going to be a corally nude colour (which i personally really love)~ 

And that brings us to the end of the Haul! A big thank you to Honest Skin for sending me all these lovely products - I can't wait to try and review all of these ♥ They really have amazing customer service and they're very professional with the way the package the products and very quick with sending out the parcels! So Don't forget to check out the online store, you'll definitely have a lot of fun shopping there!  Don't forget to leave a comment down below! Have you guys tried any of these products before and what product would you like me to review first! Until then, take care and be sure to check out my new post on Saturday :) 

Just a Disclaimer before I end this post - I've been sent these products by Honest Skin for review purposes only and everything that I've written is entirely all my own opinion, I was not asked to write good reviews about them! 


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