Review | JoJo Eyeshadow Palette #6

Hiii Everyone!!!

Sorry it's been sooooo long since my last upload! If you follow me on instagram you'd know that i've been loaded with uni work so I haven't had time to write up any new content recently :( This review was something I wrote a while ago but I hope you enjoy this nevertheless~ I think last year I uploaded a review about the Too Faced Natural at Night Palette and today I have a review about a palette that many of you guys have probably never heard of before, but the shades are very similar to the Too Faced Palette. This Palette is called JoJo Makeup Silky Eyeshadow in Number 6 and it's a Korean brand. I bought this palette a long time ago when I first started experimenting with eyeshadows and I've been using it religiously since then (that was until I became obsessed over my Too Faced Natural at Night Palette)!

Brand: Jojo 
Name: Makeup Silky Eyeshadow
Price: Approx $8 AUD 
Weight: Doesn't Say on the packaging :\
Shade: #6
Where to purchase: I bought this when I was in Hong Kong at a store called Lung Shing and it's like a small pharmacy/cosmetics store selling discounted products, located in Tsim Sha Tsui (Just a warning, there are a lot of 'CL's' (If you're chinese you'll know what that means lol!) that like to shop at that place so you will have to be prepared to push around to be able to get to the cash register) . However, I'm pretty sure that this particular palette has been discontinued but I managed to find newer editions of this product on KKCentreHK