[Review] Dying Hair with Liese Bubble Dye!

Hello Everyone! 

Its been a while since i've last posted, thanks for everyone who had previously commented on my last haul post! Today i'm back with a review about a hair dye that has been highly recommended by many people online so i decided i'd write my on review on it :) 

I first began dying my hair around 3 years ago at a professional salon in Hong Kong. I got it done at a professional salon because i had tried to dye it with regular drugstore hair dyes like L'Oreal but because my hair is naturally very black it didn't give the results that i had anticipated. The salon in Hong Kong did a great job and i was able to get a chocolate brown result. Since then, I decided to attempt to dye my hair at home with box dyes since my hair was lighter. Bubzbeauty, a beauty guru on youtube recommended Liese, a Japanese brand hair dye, so i thought why not give it a try since it worked on her :) 
Liese Milk Tea Brown Bubble Hair dye
$70 HKD

This is a picture of my hair before it was dyed 

As you can tell the regrowth had already gone past half the length of my hair so it was definitely time to get it touched up! I really love Liese because its so simple to use. I didn't take a picture but it comes with:
  • Solution 2: Creme Developer in a big bottle (Its creamy coloured)
  • Solution 1: Milk tea brown colouring
  • Packaged plastic gloves
  • Conditioning cream 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Pink Pump 

So here's some instructions of what you're meant to do (From the Liese website)

It's really simple really! 

After waiting for around 30 minute, i just rinsed it off and then used shampoo following with the Liese conditioning treatment. 
Here's a picture of what my hair looks like afterwards: 
Without Flash - Natural Lighting 

With Flash 
As you can see my whole hair is definitely much lighter however its not very even because the tips are like a light brown whilst the top of my head is more of a darker shade. Even though it's uneven i'm still very happy with the results because under sunlight it still looks really nice. 

Overall Rating: 
Colour: 4/5 (would be nice if whole hair was even) 
Does hair feel damaged and dry? - No, it still feels very nourished after the Liese hair treatment
Price: 4/5 (It's cheap if you buy overseas but if you buy it online its around $7 AUD extra) 
Smell: 3/5 (The ammonia smell is really overwhelming and makes your eyes water - however for beauty you must sacrifice right? :P )
Overall: 4/5  I would definitely repurchase!! 

Thanks for reading my post here's some extra pictures :) 
Staight hair
Colour under the Sun 

Milk Tea Brown Tips with Beach Hair 

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More posts about hair extensions coming soon!!

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  8. HI! wow the colour came out a lot lighter for you than the other reviewers- did you bleach your hair before?

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