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Can you believe it, it's already the end of November and we're so close to hitting 2014! This year has gone by so quickly, its so weird!! But at the same time, i'm excited because i love the month of December because it means that i finally get my 6 week summer holidays yay!! 

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a review on the 'Work of Heart" Eyeshadow palette, there's actually a typo in the photo above but i was too lazy to fix it so please excuse that hehe ^~^ For those who don't live in Australia probably won't be very familiar with Sportsgirl! Sportsgirl is a basically a fashion store that sells really nice women's clothing, accessories, bags and makeup! This is the first time I've ever tried their makeup brand and I received this as a gift from my sister so a shout out to her hehe thank youu <3 

I've never been a fan of the Sportsgirl cosmetics brand just because the quality didn't look that great, however, this eyeshadow palette has the most beautiful packaging and so i was automatically drawn into this.I really love the big heart in the middle with false lace embellishment all around the palette, its just so pretty right!?! The price is also quite affordable for a palette that offers 9 colours ranging from both shimmery to matte shades, I think it costed $14.95. You can really tell that Sportsgirl puts a lot of effort when it comes to designing the packaging because a lot of their products in their cosmetics section has really nice packaging. But again, the quality of it is what's pulling me back! 

The Palette Consists of the following colours as shown above

1. Shimmery Black
2. Champagne 
3. Glittery Silver
4. Matte Turquoise
5. Light Blue 
6. Soft Brown 
7. Mauvey pink 
8. Pale Orange
9. Reddish Coral 

I don't know why but for some reason the swatch for no.6 isn't on my arm lol sorry! But overall, I find that these eyeshadows are extremely dissapointing. As one of the first palettes that I've owned, the colours look amazing when they're in the palette but when you use a brush to pick up the product, it just becomes all powdery and gets everywhere, which you can probably tell by the photos above. There are a lot of fall outs and as you can see from the swatches, they are definitely not what you can call pigmented. It's very chalky and this palette just wouldn't be one that i'd continuously reach out for, which is dissapointing because everything just looks beautiful and you'd think that the looks would reflect on the quality :( 

The Verdict ♥ 

Packaging : ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5 

Practically head over heels for the packaging! It's amazing, beautiful, girly and I'm totally in love with the design. The colour scheme used on the palette packaging is extremely gorgeous and i just like putting these kinds of products around my room as decorations because it really brightens up my makeup vanity! 

Price: ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  / 5 

Compared to drugstore brands, this is considered cheap because it would probably cost $15 for a small quad eyeshadow by like Maybelline or Revlon so this is a pretty good price considering that there is 9 colours to choose from the palette! So i would recommend this if you're starting off with makeup and just want a really cheap makeup palette that doesn't have to be amazing quality wise. 

Performance:  ♥  ♥   /5 

I'm extremely dissapointed with its performance. I had quite high hopes for it because the packaging was done so nicely and the clothes and accessories that Sportsgirl usually sells if of high quality! The thing i didn't like the most was that it was powdery and not pigmented enough, when i was trying to do the swatches, i could hardly get any colour on my arm because it would just fall off. Most of the matte colours are very sheer despite the fact that it looks really vibrant and pretty in the actual palette. The only thing i do like about this palette is the champagne colour and the glittery silver colour because they actually look nice for highlighting the tear duct and underneath the eyes to brighten up the eyes without having much fall out!

Overall: ♥  ♥  ♥ / 5 Would I repurchase? : No, i definitely wouldn't even though the packaging of their products are so tempting >_< I was actually eyeing a nude palette that they were selling that looked like a dupe for the naked palette, but now that i've tested the quality, i decided that i'd probably rather spend a bit more money to buy a higher end palette then spend money here and there for not so great quality products. 

I hope this review was somewhat helpful and thank you as usual for reading my blogpost! 
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