[REVIEW] Dolly Wink False Eyelashes (Natural Dolly) + Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix (Black) ♥

Hi Everyone!!

How are you all? ^_^ I've always been a fan of false eyelashes, but living in Australia, the only eyelashes that you can buy from drugstores are made to suit more western people's eyes rather than Asians. They are usually extremely dramatic and extremely long which is not the best choice if you want to wear it on a daily basis. Luckily for online shopping, I managed to buy my first set of falsies by Dolly Wink on Sasa!

Like always Dolly wink never fails to impress with their packaging! I'm absolutely in love with the baby blue colour and the little flowers at the top and of course Tsubasa Masuwaka on the front! However, the only criticism I have is that the packaging is very bulky and hard to store unless you just take out the lashes and keep them in a lash case!

The back of the packaging shows a demonstration of what the lashes look like, and I have to say they look soo natural!!

So it comes with two sets of eyelashes which is great if you accidently lose a pair or if it's simply worn out so you can use it as a back up! It's packaged really pretty in two rows and my first impression was that they look really long! It also came with a cute travel sized eyelash glue, however I chose to use a separate eyelash glue just because I don't like how white eyelash glue takes forever to dry!


Again, Dolly wink was the brand that I heard had the best eyelash glue so I ordered this on Sasa.com for around $12AUD! The packaging is really pretty, in an elegant black tube with a purple polka dot lid complimented with the baby pink packaging! On the back it shows you instructions on how to apply the glue to the false eyelashes and then transfer them to your eyes which I find pretty useful except for the fact that everything  was written in Japanese :(

As you can see, the applicator is quite thin and extremely black, similar to a black liquid liner! So when you buy this be careful not to mix it up with your eyeliners! :P
It doesn't have any smell which is great and the handle is very sturdy so its great for makeup noobs and clumsy people who squeeze glue everywhere!! Also, because the brush is so thin and delicate, it only applies a thin layer of glue to prevent you from using too much at once and wasting the product as well as preventing makeup mess on the eyes!

That is what the lashes look like with one layer of glue. You can see that its very thin and it does drip all over the place. It looks like you've basically applied some eyeliner onto the lashes.


My short stubby straight Asian lashes! I didn't curl them or apply any form of eye makeup.


You can probably see my real lashes in this video because I forgot to clamp them before taking the photo >_<
BUT once you clamp them, they look amazing and flawless as if they're your own lashes!
Sorry for the bad quality of the photo, but you can definitely tell that the lashes are a lot longer and you don't even need to apply mascara to make the eyelashes curl which is great :) It was a bit too long, so I cut it and it looks very natural because its short near the corners of the eyes and gradually gets longer like real lashes! Also, the criss-cross design of the lashes makes them look even more real and natural. I'd say this is very suitable for an everyday look for work, but might look overdone if you want to wear it to school.

ALSO, because the eyelash fix is in the colour black, you don't even need to bother about eyeliner if you're in a rush because the glue actually makes your lash liner look a lot darker and as if you're already wearing makeup which is great for lazy people ^_^

The Verdict:

Dolly Wink False Eyelashes No.9 Natural Dolly :

Comfort: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5
They are really comfortable for everyday use, extremely light and it doesn't weigh down your eyes which is what I love most about these Dolly Wink Lashes! Sometimes, I forget that I'm even wearing false eyelashes because they feel like nothing! They're really easy to remove as well!

Design: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5
The design is lovely, except it was a bit too long for my eyes and probably not suitable for all Asians because not all Asians have big long eyes to fit the lashes. Luckily for scissors, I was able to snip some off to make it fit my eyes but I had to sacrifice the pretty long flared ends of the falsies because of the design where starting from the inner lashes, it gradually gets longer :(

Price: ♥ ♥ ♥ /5
These lashes were quite pricey. I bought it for $15 on Sasa, but on every other website that I had researched like Yesstyle sold them for like $22 which is pretty expensive for two pairs of lashes :(

Application: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5
These are very easy to apply either using your hands or a pair of tweezers!

OVERALL: 4.5 / 5 - I really love these lashes and will definitely repurchase them! I'm just currently researching the most natural lashes to purchase and add to my collection ^^

Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix (Black):

  • Fool proof: Extremely easy to use and hold, great for beginners and clumsy people who squirt glue everywhere when using traditional tube lash glue.
  • Travel Friendly: It's about 3/4 the size of a mascara and will fit perfectly in travel makeup bag or even just in your handbag.
  • Touch up friendly: Because the brush is so delicate and small it can easily reach the inner corners of the eyes if you just want to do some touching up throughout the day and you don't have to be afraid about using too much!
  • Cute Packaging: the purple and black really compliments each other and just pretty to look at heheh :P
  • Fragrance free!
  • Double up as an eyeliner: If you apply a fair amount of the lash glue, when applied to the eyes, it looks like you have black eyeliner on as it darkens the lash line. (Don't literally apply it to the eyes like eyeliner though!!!)
  • Price: Very pricey for an eyelash glue! $12 on Sasa and probably even more expensive on other sites.
  • If lash glue gets stuck on the eyelids, its kind of hard to remove :\
OVERALL: 4.5 / 5 - Love it! Will definitely repurchase and try out the clear version of the eyelash fix as well! :)

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  1. Cool eyelashes! nice review. I wish I can wear them on a daily basis, I don't think I can tolerate it more than one night :) Have a sweet day.

    new post is up, hope to see you soon on my blog

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  3. Wow.... I would like to try these eyelashes!!!!
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  8. Fifi, you do such amazing reviews! So incredibly detailed, well-explained, simple and efficient! Love it :)

  9. Such great lashes!!
    I really love the criss-cross design of some lashes
    because I think it makes it look much more natural(:
    And the glue looks so much like liquid eyelinerlol
    Could you imagine mixing those two up and drawing
    eyelash glue onto your eyes??!?..( O _ O )..maybe we shouldn't ahah
    Anyways, I really like the lashes on you^_^
    They look very long, yet not too dramatic(:
    Thank you for the wonderful review!!

    You have such a lovely blog!!Following you now^_^

    Much love,

  10. The package is cute and they look great on. I followed

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