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Hey everyone! 

Last month, Born Pretty Store kindly sent me these products from their online store for me to review. I would like to apologise for the delay of this post as I was meant to write it up at the beginning of the month >_< But I finally got around to doing it now, so hope you all enjoy! I've also included a 10% coupon code at the bottom of this post so that you guys can purchase things from their store as well!!

About Born Pretty Store ♥

So I assume most bloggers would've heard of Born Pretty before but if you haven't, Born Pretty is an online store that sells beauty items such as nail art items, accessories, makeup, makeup tools, phone cases and many more things at a really cheap price! It's called Born Pretty Store because they believe every woman is "Born pretty" and aim to provide beauty products to enhance our beauty! Pretty cute idea right? :) They also offer free shipping worldwide and have great customer service! They also ship their products within 24hrs of their hours which is so efficient!! So now that you've learnt a bit about Born Pretty, let's get onto the product review.

Package ordered: Wednesday 4th June 2014  
 Package sent: Wednesday 4th June 2014
Package Arrived:  Thursday 26th June 2014
Total Days:
22 days

Born Pretty Store definitely lived up to their claim about shipping within 24 hours - I was pretty amazed at how quickly they shipped my order! They told me that the package would arrive within 3-4 weeks and it arrived in just over 3 weeks so shipping speed is not bad :) I threw out the package already, but it comes in a white satchel with bubble wrapping inside for extra protection!

Stylish Necklace Infinite Shape ♥

Note: The necklace didn't come in a box, only in a plastic bag. Jewellery box is only for photo purposes
 The first item I ordered from Born pretty store was an infinite necklace because I thought it was really simple yet pretty to wear for everyday purposes. I hardly ever wear gold jewellery but since I forgot to choose the colour I wanted, by default they sent me the gold one. I was slightly dissapointed when it came because in the images online, the necklace appeared shiny and glossy but my one looked a bit rusted and appeared dull. Nevertheless, the necklace is still pretty and because it's small, you can't really notice whether it's shiny or dull when it's actually around your neck anyway. Besides, it only costs $1.99 so really, you can't expect it to be amazing quality! 

Hand Woven Leather Cord Bracelet ♥

This was the second item that I chose from Born Pretty and it's just this really pretty set of stacked bracelets that gives off a vintage look! I like the design of this set of bracelets and it's lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's definitely a nice piece of jewellery to own for those who are lazy and don't want to always have to think about which pieces of bracelets to stack together because it all comes in one :) I have to say the material is a bit stiff though so you might have to wear it a few times to make it more bendable. This bracelet costs $5.74 USD.

That's everything that I received from Born Pretty Store and overall I had a great experience because the shipping was quite reasonable and the quality was alright seeing as the prices are so affordable. Below is a coupon code that you can enter in at the checkout to receive a 10% discount! Enjoy shopping everyone!

As always, please leave a comment below if you liked the items and if you've ever bought anything from Born Pretty Store before! :) Don't forget to follow me on GFC and also on my social media - instagram and twitter - it's all on the side bar ^_^ 

Until next Saturday, have fun, enjoy your week ~ 
And thankyou to Born Pretty Store again for sending me these :)


*Even though these products were sent to me, my opinions are 100% honest

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