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Hello everyone!! 

As we enter the month of June and July it means that end of financial year sales are around and being able to go shopping during this one month break is definitely one of the perks of being in uni!! One thing that I've discovered being a student in uni is that I've definitely spent a whole lot more money on things such as food, makeup, clothes and much more, just because I'm in the city almost every day of the week and it's pretty hard not to walk into shops that are so convenient and literally just around the corner. I've also done a lot of damage to my wallet through my online shopping addiction. SEND HELP!?

A thing that I've learnt from online shopping however is TO LOOK FOR COUPON CODES BEFORE YOU BUY! Because you never know, there's always coupons that are hanging around on the internet waiting to be used and you could really save A LOT of money through doing this. If you would like to find out where I find the best coupon deals for various online stores, continue to read on :) 

Today, I'm here to show you (a small portion of) my wishlist of the things that I've set my eyes on recently! Hope you all enjoy this second post of the week to make up for my blogging hiatus ! :) 

These boots are no doubt at the top of my wishlist at the moment! In Australia, we recently entered Winter which means that it's time to whip out the good old boots! Except i have NONE. Well, at least not any fashionable ones. These ones are so damn gorgeous by Lipstik shoes, called Eamon Boots. They're black, chunky heeled boots and they're seriously so cute and go with any outfit that I've seen on instagram.
During high school I was pretty much the tallest one out of my group of friends but now in uni, it's so sad to say that I'm legit the shortest one so I really need some heeled boots to save myself from being minature compared to them! However, these boots are pretty expensive, $90AUD but luckily I recently found myself a way to get a discount for the End of Financial Year Sale at a coupon site called Cuponation ,at the Iconic . I'm pretty tempted to get these because after discount it's only $76.50 with free shipping *_*, so don't be surpised if you see these babies pop up in my next haul ;)

I've been super sad recently because my beloved Bubbi brushes have been shedding like crazy and the brushes are basically of no use anymore because they're not dense enough. So I've been looking into some affordable brushes to add to my wishlist. I came across Real Techniques brush set from iherb.com which sells them for pretty unbelievable prices compared to Priceline which sells them for $47.50!?!?!? There are a few coupon codes that you can check out for iherbs. Right now it's sitting on my wishlist but hopefully I'll actually buy it soon! 

After my invisalign treatment, I've been pretty desparate trying to find methods to whiten my teeth because having the invisaligns on day and night have caused my teeth to turn slightly more yellow than they originally were. Having watched a lot of youtube, crest whitening strips and whitening lightning products were the two that I've heard being raved the most about. However, I've seen reviews and the Dial a smile whitening system seems to have much quicker and better results so I'm really tempted to try! It's actually on both my friend and my own wishlist because we really want to see if it works. $99 is quite pricey but luckily I was looking around and found the code Summerlove45 that lets you purchase the whole set for only $45USD with free shipping. So if you've been wanting to try this set out, go ahead and use the code before it dissapears! 

The last item on my wishlist is this DW watch. I've been loving this watch ever since my friend Wendy was raving about how pretty it was. I'm not usually a watch wear because I'm waayy to lazy to accessorise and even if I owned a watch there's not much point because when I do need to check the time, I always go for my phone first. However, this watch really caught my attention and I instantly fell inlove with the different strap designs that DW offers and the large watch surface. It's super classy and stylish at the same time. It's currently sold at the Iconic and the price varies depending on the size of the watch. You can also choose from silver and gold. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading about all the products that I've been setting my eyes on lately and tell me if you own any of these! I would love to know if you're loving the items too :) 
Have fun online shopping guys, happy savings!! I'll catch you in my next post. 

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