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Hey Everyone!!! 

I know it's been AGESSS BUT I JUST WANT TO ANNOUNCE THAT I'VE SURVIVED MY FIRST UNI SEMESTER *throws party*!!!! (Well, I haven't really finished the sem since i still have two upcoming exams but still! No more lectures and tutorials because I'm on Study Vacation week! :)) Which means I should be taking this time wisely to study but really i'm using this time to catch up on blogging hehe). 

Anyways, it was only after reading Shiwashiful's blog that it hit me that we are already half way through the year!? How weird and fast has 2015 gone! Pretty crazy hey? 

Today I decided to take break from studying so I'll be sharing with you guys my May monthly favourites! Hope you all enjoy this post and I promise I'll be updating my blog more regularly now that I have more time before exams :) 

Now that I'm in uni, I've actually been using a lot more makeup as compared to when I was in high school. So these products that I'm about to show you guys have been things that I've been using regularly and very sure that they're products that work very well! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray [Travel Size] $22AUD ♥

If you follow me on instagram (@Beautifyinglifee), you would've seen how excited I was for the launch of Urban Decay in Australia. However, Funny enough, when I went in stores at Mecca Maxima, I realised there weren't many things that I really wanted to buy. So i ended up just picking up the very hyped up all nighter setting spray. I was originally going to buy the full size but just to trial I bought the travel size instead. To be honest I wanted the De Slick version because I have more oiler skin, but they didn't have travel sizes on the launch day so I went with the original instead. At first I didn't think that it did much with holding up my makeup, however recently when I joined the gym, using this setting spray really made a difference with keeping my makeup in place and prevented my makeup from melting straight off my face!

Basically how I use this product is after powdering my face, I spray (basically drench) this all over my face and wait for it to dry in about 20 seconds. Then I'm good to go and it holds my makeup all day! 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil $9.98AUD ♥

I bought this NYX jumbo eye pencil ages ago on Cherry Culture (before NYX was made available in Australia Target) after watching Shaaanxo rave about it on her Youtube Channel. However, I didn't really use this after I bought it until recently I got my new vanity table and whilst I was reorganising my makeup I found this and decided to put it into use. MILK is a plain white eyeshadow colour as you can see in the picture (and swatches down below). I use this pencil as a base for my eyeshadow and it really helps to keep my eyeshadow in place. It also makes the colours that I place on top a lot more vibrant so I really recommend this as an eyeshadow base! You can now get it from Australia Target so easily accessible for my fellow Aussie readers ^_^ and of course if you're in the US you can easily get this from any drugstores like Walmart (i assume? -  probably for a fraction of the price too T_T) 

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PK001  ~$6AUD ♥

My go to lip tint for the past uni semester because ain't nobody got time to retouch their lips when you're busy at uni! I've been super obsessed with lip tints/stains because they're really easy to use and they last for the whole day, that is, if you don't eat oily foods. I especially love this light pink shade because it's more natural and appropriate for every day use in Uni, just for a bit of colour for the lips so I don't look too washed out and more awake. It's really affordable too as you can get it on almost any Korean cosmetics store online. I bought this when i was in Hong kong so it costed about $6AUD at the time :)  

In the swatches you can see that it comes of as a baby pink when you first put it on and a bit glossy but once it dries, it dries as a slightly darker pink stain. Be careful to put an even application on the lips or you can end up with patchy pink lips!~ 

I actually have the other two shades in the collection as well, so I was thinking of doing a comparison post before but I never got around to it. These are also similar to the Benefit tints so Please leave a comment down below if you would like to see a comparison post on that :) 

Swatches of NYX Jumbo Pencil and Etude House Lip Tint ♥

Travel Perfume Atomiser ♥ $2

I'm the type of person that sweats pretty easily and so to cover up the (pretty) bad smell, I just like to keep a travel sized perfume that easily fits in my bag so I can use it on the go. I used it alot during summer and even though it is now Winter in Australia, I've been using it regularly after the gym so that I don't smell like sweat! It's basically a knock off of the Travalo, but crazily cheaper! If you get it on eBay you can easily find one for $2 that ships from Hong Kong :) Definitely recommend this, I keep my Marc Jacobs perfume in this one! 

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Quad ♥

I've always loved this palette, however, it's been quite neglected ever since I bought my Too Faced Natural at night palette. However recently I've been reaching for it again as brow powder. For the past year, I've just been using the Benefit Gimme Brow to do my brows for a more natural look. But now I've started to like the more defined brow look so instead of using brow mascara, I like to mix the chocolate brown and black shade with an angled eyeliner brush to fill in my brows. The colour matches my hair really well and it lasts all day! You can tell how much i like those two colours by the dent in the eyeshadow haha! ^_~ 

Jetts Australia Fitness ♥

At uni, I was really lucky to get along with some really nice girls and every week we'd always go to brunch during our class breaks! So basically we went to lunch for the first 7 weeks of sem and slowly realised how much weight we were gaining from all the food that we were eating LOL. And so recently we decided to join the Gym. Jett's was a good choice because it as close to the uni and fairly cheap. At first we applied for the free 3 day trial program that they have that allows you to access their gym 24/7 for 3 days in a row - to try before you buy bascially. We ended up really loving gym and joined a few days later during their promotion for half price joining fee and 1 month free! It's been one of my favourite places to go to recently because when I have time to kill before Uni, I just rock up at the gym for 20-30 minutes and it makes you feel so much healthier and refreshed! 

I really recommend people to join the gym now, especially with friends because it gets you motivated and you feel much better when you live a healthier lifestyle :) Of course my friends and I still go on food adventures but now it's more balanced because we go working out afterwards! If you're in Australiam Jett's is currently doing a half price joining fee promotion so you can get your life time membership for $103.50 and $28 fortnightly for 24/7 access to all Jett's franchises. (lol, i'm not being sponsored or anything like that by them btw!). 

Pinochhio K-Drama ♥

Of Course, No matter how busy I am, I'll always find time to watch a Korean Drama! Hehe~ 
My favourite one this month (or rather, the only drama i'm currently watching) is Pinocchio featuring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk! I'm about 10 episodes in and I reallly love this drama, it's probably my favourite Korean Drama of all times - hopefully the ending won't dissapoint! It's bascially about a girl who had Pinochhio Syndrome who gets hiccups whenever she tells a lie and she wants to become a news reporter. However, her syndrome limits her ability to get a job in that career. It's a really touching yet funny drama and i would reallly recommend it :) 

That was a long post! Thank you to everyone who managed to make it to the end :) 
I really hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites and do try out the products that I've recommended if you ever see them when you're shopping! I promise they won't dissapoint! 
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a fabulous upcoming week!

 I'll make sure to have a new post up next Saturday so keep a watch out for that! I'm going to get my hair cut soon, so i'll probably be blogging about my experiences there and also would anyone be interested to read about my my makeup storage and vanity? (Sneak peak down below) If so please leave a comment down below so I know! 

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