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Last week I mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut because my hair was getting longer than I want and needed some styling. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of Groupon before but it's a site where you can buy discounted coupons for almost anything you can think of - from food, to healthy & beauty to lifestyle coupons. Recently I bought a groupon for a haircut at Strathfield's Black Cat Beauty Studio that only costed $49 for Wash, Cut, Style and Colour! How good was that deal!? I decided to blog about my experience so you guys can see how everything was and turned out. If you're interest in knowing more, keep reading on :) 

Here's a before and after shot of my hair. As you can see my hair was getting pretty long (it looks short but I'm comparing it to the length when i got it cut last year) and you can't really tell from the picture but my regrowth was pretty bad so it was definitely time to get it touched up. The end result...not exactly the best haircut i've ever had, except I really like the colour and the service was really good. 

I had never heard of this hair studio before until through Groupon. I usually like to get my hair cut at this Asian place at Eastwood, Sydney except I didn't like how thin they made my hair which was why i wanted to venture out and try somewhere new. This hair studio is situated in Strathfield Boulevarde and is actually quite new according to my friend who lives in Strathfield (and even when I tried to google map it, the store wasn't even there yet haha!). Black Cat Beauty Studio used to have a franchise in Sydney CBD but it recently closed down. Now they are in two locations which are Dee Why & Strathfield. I think the Black Cat in Dee Why is a lot bigger than the store in Strathfield. I definitely had some troubles getting there except after asking a nice local couple, I made my way there. 

With the groupon, you can use from Monday - Saturday but you have to make a booking beforehand. I went on a Saturday and thought that it would be very crowded but to my surprise, there was only one person getting their hair cut at that time. All the hairdressers at Black Cat are all very nice Korean ladies and when I walked in they greeted me very nicely. After I told them about my booking, they took all my belongings and put them safely aside for me. I forgot to take out my camera in time, which is why the quality of these photos are not the greatest >_<!!

The shop had the capacity to cut/style 5 peoples hair at one time as you can see there are only 5 seats. On that day, after i sat down, a lot of people ended up getting their hair done and so once they reached capacity, people who walked in afterwards were told that they had to wait 30 minutes if they wanted their hair cut. Moral of the story? Get there early if you don't fancy a wait!!! 

On one side of the store is what you see in the picture - the hair cutting side. On the other side which I wasn't able to get a picture of, that's where you can get your nails done. Towards the back is where all the storage stuff is and where the hair washing stations are. 

Customer service at Black Cat was on point! Let me tell you - Before I was seated in one of their big black comfy seats, I was given a purple robe to wear over my clothes to prevent staining. It was pretty cool because I've had my hair dyed and cut several times at different salons and they've never had this kind of service before. After I was seated, the girl gave me a big cushion to place on my lap as well as two beauty magazines to pass time. She even asked if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee except I just had breakfast so I kindly declined. 

Image from TopHairStyleTips
Because I was getting my hair dyed, I was given a selection of colours to choose from. Not exactly the same as the image above but very similar (because again - I was too excited and forgot to take photos T.T) 

I wasn't actually quite sure about what colour I wanted but the lady pointed out the colour that I currently had and so I picked the one that was one shade lighter. Afterwards, she went off to mix up the right colour and I took this time to take some pictures. So if you walk in and want some advice on what colour suits you - you can always ask the friendly staff members who will be more than happy to help you. 

The staff at Black Cat Studio put a lot of effort and time to dye hair. It actually took a total of 2 hours to dye my hair - which wasn't the most fun thing when my phone was running on 18% with nothing to do during that time other than trying to preserve my battery life!! They split the hair colouring process into three steps - starting off with the section of hair that's about 2cm away from the hair. They coat that section with the hair dye and use a fancy rotating heat lamp to set the hair before proceeding to the rest of the bottom part of my hair, setting the colour with rotating heat lamp and then lastly they coated my roots and my whole hair one more time, followed by the heat lamp. 

You couldn't think that a small machine could do much except it actually gets pretty hot and doesn't feel the greatest! But beauty is worth the pain am i rightttt!?!? 

Fast forwarding TEN HOURS LATER.... the girl finally asked me to walk over to the hair washing station to rinse off the dye. I was JUMPING around with excitement because I could wait to get that stuff off my head. The girl that washed my hair sure knows how to do her stuff - her hair washing and head massaging skills felt so therapeutic! I swear I wouldn't mind getting my hair washed by her ALL DAY EVERY DAY :') 

The actual cutting hair process literally lasted 5 minutes. I would suggest if you have a specific hairstyle that you want, show them a picture because merely describing to them what you want will be the biggest mistake that you'll make. I asked for a side fringe because the girl before me that was getting her hair cut and she left with a really nice fringe. I was instantly inspired and asked for a side fringe as well, unfortunately, things did not turn out how I expected as I think the lady got a bit carried away and ended up giving me a side fringe that looked more like a long front fringe. I also asked for my hair to get cut to shoulder length and I guess I can't really complain because I asked for no layers but regretted instantly afterwards. The straight cut was a too obvious cut, almost like I got a pair of scissors and cut my hair myself. Even when i got home, my mum commented that I looked like I was wearing a wig from the back. However, if you look from the front, it doesn't look too bad. Hopefully when my hair grows out it'll look a lot better. 

Overall, my Black Cat Studio experience was okay. I really enjoyed the customer service, the ladies that worked there were extremely nice and I love the colour of my hair now. I almost forgot to mention their amazing hair washing skills again! The only thing that I didn't really enjoy was the actual hair cut. My sister got her hair cut there as well recently and didn't really like the way that her fringe was cut because it was pretty uneven. I would probably go back to Black Cat for hair dying purposes but may skip out on the hair cut. If you fancy a good hair wash --> Black Cat Studios is the way to go ;)
Can I also mention that they all speak Korean in stores so you never really know if they're talking about you or not LOL ! I think they were commenting on me when i was taking pictures at the salon... who knows!? (One day I will figure out the korean language heh)

Hope you all enjoyed my hair cutting/colouring experience at Black Cat Studios. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment down below about your best/worst hair cut experience and any particular salons that you recommend whether it's in Sydney or wherever you live :) 

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Black Cat Beauty Studio Strathfield
Shop 2, 43 The Boulevard Strathfield 2135
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    Your hair turned out pretty glossy at the end, and NGL, I've always been tempted to get just a straight cut with no layers put in, but after seeing how "wig-y" it looks, I might reconsider LOL (wow...that sounded mean from me BUT MY SQUARE FACE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO PULL OFF STRAIGHT LAYERS. It doesn't look too bad on you in your sidebar profile photo though!)


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