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Hihi Everyone ♥ 

It's actually been quite awhile since my last haul. Did you miss them? :P 

Anyways, about two month ago, I received this Benefit Cosmetics package which I had ordered after my trip to Hong Kong and surprisingly it arrive soo quickly! Like I read so many reviews about the US Benefit Cosmetics website and most people said that the package took around 3 weeks to arrive but mine only took two! Anyways I did buy a few things just so that i could get to the $125 for free shipping. In Australia, as you all may know, the prices for cosmetics is pretty ridiculous. A Benefit box powder here costs $51 but on the Benefits website it only costs $28. So i'm not trying to brag in anyway, just sharing this information with my fellow aussie readers and letting you know that if you want to buy Benefit Cosmetics, buy it online because it will help you save a whole heap! :) And you get access to newer products quicker too, for example, i bought the Benefits porefessional Agent Zero Shine online and when i received it (which was mid February), Benefit Australia only decided on a launch date for it which was at the end of February. We're always so slow with everything ahaa. 

Placed order: Saturday 25th January 2014
Order Shipped: Tuesday 28th January 2014 
Order Arrived: Thursday 6th February 2014

Onto the actual haul... 
I think Benefit cosmetics has the most amazing packaging ever, even their crepe paper is so pretty and girly. Everything was sealed very nicely in the paper with a cute Benefit Cosmetics Sticker. After I carefully opened the crepe paper, I literally jumped around in happiness when i saw all these Benefit Products! This is probably the first time that I've spend so much on high end products because usually I just like to buy Korean product due to the prices being a lot cheaper! 

Ahhh Everything's packaged so pretty I can't even :')

Benefit Sweet 'n' Wow Kit ♥
- $29 USD 

So the most popular products of Benefit Cosmetic line are the box blushes. I just think that the packaging is so adorable and no other brand have box blushes like Benefit, it's such a unique idea! I originally wanted to just buy Sugarbomb but then I saw this set which only costed an extra $1 and you get an extral 4.0mL Posie Tint! Now that's what I call a great deal :) The powder is separated into 4 quadrants and you can use each shade individually or mix them all together to get a fifth shade :) 

Benefit Gimme Brow 01 Light/Medium ♥
- $22 USD

I don't even think I need to explain my love for this brow mascara! I did a review about this about  2 weeks ago and if you read the review  you would know that this is my new holy grail brow product! The brush is so uniquely small and perfect for precise application. The gel formula keeps my brows in tact for the whole day, love it and this is my back up hehe ^_^

Benefit Rockateur Blush ♥
- $28 USD

A few weeks back, I was watching Ilikeweylie's video and she was using the new Benefit's box blush and i was sold by the beautiful lace design of the box and the colour was gorgeous and different to all their other blushes. I did do research and found out that there was less product in this box compared to the other Benefit Box Blushes (this one contains 5g and the other contain 8g) but it didn't really bother me since it takes me forever to finish one blush anyway :P 

Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine ♥
- $30 USD

If you guys didn't know, one of the best selling products of Benefit is their Porefessional Primer. I personally don't own that product because I don't usually use primer as I always forget that step in my makeup routine hehe :P But recently, Benefit released their new Agent Zero Shine from the Porefessional line and I really wanted to try it because my face always seems to get really oily by the end of the day so I was hoping to find a product that could control it! 

Cabana Glamour DesTANation Makeup Kit ♥
- $18 USD

I've always wanted to buy the Benefit Hoola Bronzer except I didn't want to buy the actual product because I wasn't sure if i'd definitely like it so when I came across this Kit, I added it to my cart straight away. It was one of the famous Benefit kits which come with many products so you can try and see which ones you like before buying the actual full size product. It comes with a hoola bronzer,  a Kind-of-gorgeous cream foundation, posie tint and 3 eyeshadow which i accidently stabbed my finger in when i opened the box *Sad Moment*  :( The packaging was really pretty and I can't wait to try hoola, i did a small swatch and it was soo pigmented, no wonder people always rave about it! Also the pink eyeshadow is a really gorgeous colour - perf for creating a makeup look for a date ;) 

Sample Time!! ♥

After buying all those full size products, Benefit included some freebies in my package which I was really excited for! 

Benefit Benetint ♥

I got this adorable sample of the Benetint for free as part of a promotion. It usually costs around $8USD if you want to try it! I bought a Lioele dupe of the Benetint before and it worked quite well, I can't wait to use this and see if it's just as good or even better! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara ♥

Yep, this is the well known They're Real mascara by Benefit and again I got this for free as part of a promotion. Last year i bought the full size version of this and didn't really like it so I gave this sample away since it was of no use to me. If you guys would like me to do a review on this, feel free to leave me a comment down below and I shall write one :) 

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream ♥

The last two samples are complimentary samples that you can add to every order that you make. Benefit lets you choose two of your own choice - I think i got offered the Benefit Total moisture facial cream  sample, the Porefessional Balm sample, Fakeup Concealer sample or the Porefessional Agent Zero shine sample. The ones in bold are the ones which i chose because I already owned the concealer and the Agent Zero Shine. I have to say that even their samples have extremely cute packaging! I never knew that Benefit had a skin care line so I can't wait to try this in winter because my skin needs heaps of moisturising during that month ^_^

Benefit Porefessional ♥

I didn't buy this product as i explained earlier that i don't use primers but since this was a sample option, i added this to my cart and I shall try it when i have the time. This one is quite a small sample and probably intended for one time use so I can't really review this one if I try it later >_< Hopefully it'll work well like my Etude House Goodbye Poreever Primer ~ 

That brings us to the end of this weeks post, Hope you all enjoyed this haul and tell me in the comment section down below if you've ever tried these products before or which ones you'd like me to review first! 

Until next time, have a great weekend and week! 


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