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Today I'm back with another wishlist from a website that I'm not sure if you've heard of before called 'Choies'. If you're a girl (or a boy) who loves fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, shoes and jackets that are instyle, then Choies will be the perfect place for you! They are an online store that sells everything that i mentioned about plus more! In this post, I really want to share with all of you guys everything on the store except obviously i wouldn't be able to, so I will share my current wishlist from them instead. I hope you guys like reading these posts because I personally really like to read posts about other peoples fashion or beauty related wish lists too hehe. 

Before i start, just wanted to let you know that if you go onto their website now to register, you'll immediately get 15% off your first purchase and also a $15 points when you place your first order! :) 

Anyways, lets get onto my wishlist! 

Black Game On Skater Dress 

As always with my wishlists, dresses are the first things that I look for because I'm really girly so i love anything that is flowy. Theres a saying that every girl should own a little black dress. Currently i only own one except I think that dress is only suitable for clubbing so when I came across this dress I immediately had to add it to wishlist! I'm really inlove with how it looks so cute and elegant from the front, with an attached necklace, and then you turn to the back and it's like a little surprise at the back! I think its really sexy and would be great for any occasions and would look nice with a cute cardigan if it gets a little chilly. It's only $36.64 which is pretty reasonable because if you buy a dress like that at a shop like Valleygirl or Supre it would cost a similar price. If you're a huge fan of this dress too feel free to check it out HERE and add it to your cart hehe.

Rivet Two Ways Bag In Beige

When it comes to shopping, I don't really look at bags much because I just like to buy one black bag which suits any outfit and it can last me for a really long time. However, when i was looking through the site, I saw this really chic bag and I knew that I had to share it with you! I think its the studs which really caught my eyes because I'm a pretty big fan of studs. Also, I usually like to use big bags however I think this would be a great bag on days where i don't want to lag around a huge heavy bag with me.  It has quite a long strap so you can wear it as a side bag if you want and it'll give your outfit that finishing touch! If you love studs, this bag is for you. Check it out HERE!

Onto the category of coats, I found this super amazing white coat. I don't think I can actually find a word to describe how pretty this coat is, and the fur looks really soft. The white colour makes the whole outfit look really innocent and girly. The best part about this is that it can make your waist appear much smaller because that part of the coat curves inward. Everyone likes to keep a skinny body for the summer however, I'm pretty sure a lot of people like to eat a lot during the winter seasons because after all, loose jumpers and jackets can cover it all. So having a waist slimming coat is an ideal piece of clothing that should be added into your wardrobe collection!! Click HERE to look at it on the Choies website itself! ALSO ITS MADE OF WOOL so its bound to keep you warm during the colder seasons ^_^

Another 'pretty at the front, surprise at the back' type of top. Personally, I don't own any crop tops myself but I've been meaning to work out to get a summer body so I can wear these without having my layers of fat showing hehe :P I think crop tops just look so pretty and its really trending lately. Many girls wear crop tops with shorts and crop tops with skater skirts and I would really like to try wearing something like this too. I don't know but I find the criss cross bit at the back of this crop top really cool and probably the best thing about this crop top! This is my favourite item out of the whole Choies website so definitely have a look at it HERE and if you buy it don't forget to show me because it probably will look amazing on you guys! 

New Look YOLO Beanie In Black

The Last item that I wanted to show you was something that I didn't expect Choies to sell but omg an amazing beanie that says YOLO! So cool right? haha, so much swag just from wearing the beanie! I've been wanting to buy a statement shirt or jumper for a really long time but haven't gotten around to doing it, but obviously this is SO much cooler. Why not add this to your Choies shopping cart cos YOLO! CLICK HERE :) 

OH AND ALSO, You can now head over to their site HERE because they're hosting a competition where you just need to think of a five word or less slogan for the website and you could enter for a chance to win some goodies from their site ^_^ Goodluck!♥ Goodluck! ♥

One more thing hehe, are any of you guys from HK? Because if you are please do a HUGE favour by going onto Kids Choice Awards and scroll down the page until you find the second box and click on the HK singer G.E.M! Thank you so much!! 

Thank you everyone for reading my Choies wishlist. Please leave a comment down below telling me which item you liked the best and if you've every bought clothing from them, how was your experience? And finally DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME on GFC, LET'S AIM FOR 300 FOLLOWERS WOOO~ ♥

Love you all, thanks for your support :') 

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