OOTD | Dinner Out Floral Dress ♥

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Because many of you guys really liked my previous OOTD post which you can check out HERE, I decided to upload another OOTD. Hope you all enjoy this hehe! 

Oh and before i get onto the post, can you guys please do a huge favour for my friend, Wendy! She's trying to enter a fashion contest so it would be amazing if you could vote for her HERE. Thank you so much ♥ 

So I wore this to my birthday dinner with my family and I wanted outfit that looked pretty yet casual. This dress was actually originally my sisters but she kindly gave it to me because I really liked it and thought it was super pretty for summer or spring due to the floral prints. 

And yeaahh, I took these photos in front of some randoms house because it was really pretty haha so shout out to them ;P Also, many people who were walking their dogs looked at me weirdly when I was posing for the photos. Has that happened to anyone before? hehe, i ended up just looking around awkwardly whilst they walked past ~

Dress from Valleygirl
Handbag from Disneyland Hong Kong (also featured in my Day out in the city OOTD if you would like to kindly check it out) 
Shoes from a Malaysian Outlet Store 

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