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In today's post, I'll be sharing with you guys some things that I recently received from StyleKorean. If you guys haven't heard of StyleKorean before, it's basically a Korean online store that sells a whole bunch of Korean beauty products with international shipping. They often do lots of promotions with their brands and so I would encourage you guys to check that website out if you're looking to buy Korean makeup or skincare products at an affordable price. Keep reading if you would like to see what I got in this beauty haul :)

Heimish Eye Palette in #Breeze Beige 
You can purchase this HERE
Heimish is new Korean brand that I recently heard of through Meejmuse on Youtube. They're known for their cleansing balm which is really similar to the Banila Co Clean it Zero Balm (which has been a really popular product in recent years). However, this time I decided to try out their eyeshadow palettes because eyeshadows are one of my must-haves in my makeup routine so I couldn't say no when I saw this lovely palette. They have a range of different palettes but the one that I chose was the one with the neutral colours called #Breeze Beige. They come with 8 different shades and the thing i like about this palette is that it comes with a range of shimmery and matte shades which is awesome for creating different looks. I will be doing a full review on these products later so the swatches will be featured in that post - stay tuned!

Heimish Dailism Water Drop Lip Tint in Mild Day
You can purchase this HERE
The next product that I got was also by Heimish and it is their Water Drop Lip Tint in the shade Mild Day. This has literally become one of my favourite lip products of all time because I have super dry lips and not many lip products go well on them because they usually end up looking patchy or flakey. With this lip tint, my lips become so so moistured and the colour is absolutely gorgeous!! The packaging is extremely similar to the YSL Water Glossy stains but this is so much more affordable (not sure about the quality because I've never tried the YSL ones before). I would really recommend this product for people with dry lips and can't find a good lip product that caters for them. 

Clio Brush Liner Kill Black Set 

The last product in this haul is the Clio Mascara and Eyeliner duo set. Unfortunately I don't think this is available anymore at StyleKorean because I couldn't seem to find the link anymore. It's a shame because I really enjoyed using this duo, the eyeliner is very long lasting and doesn't smudge. The mascara is also really great with holding curls and despite it being a bit clumpy sometimes I think I would repurchase the full size version of it. I think it has become my second favourite mascara after the Fairy Drops one (Which i'm sure by now you all know that Fairy Drops is my ultimate favourite!!) 


So that's it for today's haul. Hope you guys all enjoyed reading about this - definitely check out Heimish's products on StyleKorean's website, ESPECIALLY the water tints!!! You definitely won't regret trying them out :)) I'll be posting the full reviews on each product soon on my blog so stay tuned. Follow me on my blog for updates and also my other social media platforms to find out when I post next (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee). Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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