[REVIEW] Maybelline Nude Airfoam Foundation

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 I'm back with a review on the Maybelline Dream Nude Foam Foundation. I've been using this foundation for over a year now and i really wanted to review this product because i have to say, of all the foundations i've used over these year, this is definitely my HG foundation product.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical when i first saw this product because i remember seeing a similar product from maybelline review from Bubzbeauty here and she was pretty dissapointed with the product. The bit where she said the foundation would oxidize during the day really put me off buying the product. However it was on sales at Target and i couldn't help but try a bit on my hand. It rubbed on really evenly on the back of my hand and i could see that a little product goes a long way so I ended up buying it since it was only like $10 on sales. I really had nothing to lose (Unless the product went wrong...).

Product claims: 
So onto the product claims:

I don't about you guys, but when i see the word "flawless", i immediately get drawn to that product because who doesn't want a flawless finish? :)

I actually like the packaging of this product, all the foundation is stored inside a small spray can and i think there's like 1.6 oz of product (48ml). The colour of the can matches the colour of the foundation which is convenient when you're trying to pick your shade.


When i first tested the product in stores, i though because the product was a foam like texture, you'd need a lot for full face foundation so i pumped a lot onto the back of my hand. However, i came to realise that you only need walnut sized pump (as directed in instructions) for full face coverage. Also, when using this product it is best if you do so with a foundation brush or a stippling brush because it will give your face the best flawless and even application. I did try with a beauty blending sponge but because the texture of the foundation is foam like and watery, the beauty blender absorbed the product rather than distributing the product. And, btw, you will definitely have a hard time blending it in with your fingers because it will get all over your fingers and really messy. Not a pretty sight if your a person who likes to keep things neat :)
Oh and remember to shake well before use or else it will come out watery and foam will come out a blotchy uneven colour (Half cream half white).

The product looks like this when it is pumped once fully: (Excuse the quality of the picture >.< )


  • I have acne prone skin, and this foundation gives me a really flawless and smooth finish
  • It's very moisturising, and will not give you flaky skin 
  • Great coverage
  • A little product goes a long way, one can of this can last you for months
  • Very light on skin
  • Minimizes appearance of pores on face
  • Very quick and easy way of applying foundation. Usually takes me no more than 2 minutes for full face foundation
  • Can last for around 6 hours before face gets a bit oily (without setting powder) 

    • Really hard to apply with fingers
    • If you're a first time user, you'll easily pump too much product out
    As mentioned above, this is is my HG foundation, previously i really liked the natural finish of the Nude by nature mineral powder foundation but it would make my skin flaky during winter. This product does not  cause any flakiness and due to its foamy texture, it's actually very moisturising for the skin. It's very light weight and most of the time you can't even feel that your wearing anything. It has very good coverage, covers most of my acne and acne scars, i don't even need to bother with concealer unless i have a really big break out going on! I love this product and I would recommend everyone to definitely try it out! :) 

    Rating is 4.5/5 (0.5 goes to the fact that when you are nearly finished with the can, it starts pumping out watery foundation which is a con!) 

    Thanks everyone for reading my post, have a great week! 
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    1. I've been searching for a new foundation for a while - since I'm a little bit tan now- and I've been using one from Kiko Make up. However I wanted to try something new. So thank you for introducing me to this Maybelline one and for doing such an amazing review! :)


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