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Toner is an important part of everyone's skin routine because it helps to minimise the appearance of pores as well as tightening the skin. I never used to use toners until my skin became really bad and i realised how much a toner can help to improve the appearance of my skin.  I used to go for regular drugstore brands such as Nivea, Neutrogena and Dove toners, because they had special ones for clearing acne and blackheads. However because those ones contain a lot of alcohol it would always irritate my skin and didn't do much to improve my complexion. So last year i turned to Korean and Japanese toners for my skincare routine and the first one that caught my eye when i was shopping on was the Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C toner. 

I heard great reviews about it online and from Bubzbeauty and it was much better than regular drugstore brands. However when i ran out of it eventually, i purchased the collagen toner from YesStyle because they didn't sell the vitamin C one. This post will be comparing the two toners and at the end I'll tell you which one i like better :) 

This one is the Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Moisture Toner which costed $18 on

Directions: After cleansing, saturate cotton with Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Moisture Toner and apply on face.

This one is the Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner. I purchased it from Sasa for around $14.90

Directions: After toning, apply an appropriate amount on face until fully absorbed.


So even though both toners provide different instructions, i pretty much use them in the same way. After washing my face in the morning or at night, i would pour some onto the palms of my hand and pat it onto my face and after it absorbs i apply my regular moisturiser by Cetaphil.

The consistency of both toners are very different however. From the picture below you can clearly tell that the Vitamin C toner is a lot more runnier than the collagen one. The Collagen toner the consistency is more thicker, but i guess that's mainly because it contains collagen in the toner. When applied to the skin, the vitamin C toner quickly absorbs and if you don't apply moisturiser straight away, the skin will start feeling dry and tight however with the collagen toner, it stay very moisturising to the point that sometimes i think that i've already applied moisturiser on and walk out without putting moisturiser on. It does not feel sticky, in fact it makes the skin feel very soft and bouncy ^^

So overall i enjoy the Juju Aquamoist Collagen toner more because it's a lot more moisturising for the skin and makes my skin feel so much more softer when i have it on~ 

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner: 3/5
Juju Aquamoist Collagen Toner: 5/5 


Both the toners packaging are incredibly similar, the only main obvious difference is that one's pink and ones blue. Being a girly girl, i enjoy looking at the pink one more because its just prettier hehe :P 

Also the other difference is that the Vitamin C toner states that its a "whitening lotion" whilst the Collagen toner states that its a "Moisture Lotion". I reckon it feels more like a toner than lotion though... Nevertheless, another difference is the plastic that they use on the packaging. 

As you can tell, the collagen toner bottle uses transparent plastic so you can tell how much product you have left and you can tell if there's anything nasty floating around in it. However with the vitamin C bottle, you can see that they've used a thicker coating of plastic so you can't tell how much you've used or if there's anything bad inside it. 

Comparing the lids... they're pretty much exactly the same, so nothing much to say about this! 

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner - 3/5 
Juju Aquamoist Collagen Toner - 5/5


Both bottles contain 180mL of product and it comes in a bottle that is exactly the same! 

Btw, 180 mL is very generous because it lasts a really long time! I think the Vitamin C toner took me like 5 months to finish and i used it both day and night! 

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C toner - 5/5
Juju Aquamoist Collagen toner - 5/5


As i mentioned before earlier, i purchased the Vitamin C toner for $14.90 HERE and i bought the collagen toner for $18 HEREIts funny though because the collagen toner is sold in Japan for 1,200 Yen but the vitamin C one is sold at 1,300 Yen? o.O  They both contain the same amount of product and pretty much do the same thing, wonder why it costs 100 yen more :S And its also weird how it actually costs more to buy the collagen toner online than the Vitamin C toner haha :P I really need to go to Japan to stock up on these beauty products >~< Everything is so much more expensive online :( However, i do find the pricing reasonable because i don't mind spending around $20 on a toner if it does my skin wonders ^_^ 

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C toner - 5/5
Juju Aquamoist Collagen Toner - 4/5 

The Verdict ♥

I think overall i like the Juju Aquamoist Collagen Toner more because it makes my dry skin more hydrated and makes my skin more softer. Even though its a bit more expensive than Vitamin C toner, i think i'd rather pay the extra and buy the collagen toner because its just amazing and i really like the smell of it, it just makes me smile when i apply it to my face :P
(The vitamin C toner has a typical toner smell but the collagen toner has a sweet scent to it and its not overwhelming which is awesome ^_^ )

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