Lioele Pop Tints Review ♥

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I usually upload posts on Saturdays but a few days ago i received these lip tints in my mail box and i couldn't wait to share it with you guys and post the giveaway as well! 

Lately, I've seen a lot of posts about lip tints from different brands like Lioele, Etude house and Tony Moly and i decided to buy some to try out to see what everyone was raving about! I was originally going to try the Etude House lip tints but these were cheaper and the packaging really reminded me of the Benetints that i always see in stores, so it was a really cute dupe! 

I actually originally ordered the Lioele Orange Tint and Pinky Tint but the online store i got it from sent me the cherry tint instead. I was going to send it back but figured that it would've taken too long so might as well just try the bold colour! 

Firstly i have to say that the packaging is soo adorable! It's like a nail polish but its a lip tint! 
It's funny because the packaging of the orange tint and the cherry tints are different. The cherry tint uses a transparent container whilst the orange tint doesn't. 

The consistency of both tints are also quite different. The Cherry Tint is more runny and dries a lot quicker, whilst the orange tint is a bit more creamy, thicker and more wet. 

Lioele Pop Tint Orange Tint ♥

I really how it comes with a nail polish like brush to apply the tint, but my only issue with this design is that it might be a bit unhygienic to use it and then put it back in. Germs could spread this way but nevertheless, i still like it! Just as long as you don't share this tint i guess ;P 

The colour in the swatch is a really gorgeous creamy orange however, since my lips are naturally a dark shade of red, the orange doesn't really show up which is quite disappointing  but i think that you have naturally lighter colored pale lips, this would be such an amazing lip tint for you! I was going to include a demo of the colour on my lips but these few days have been pretty gloomy so the pictures weren't that great! But i'll definitely update when the weather gets better and the lighting is brighter :) Until then, you can just check out the swatches down below! 

Also, the lasting power of this tint is pretty amazing, i have to say its better than the cherry tint maybe because its thicker in consistency? o.O But from the swatches on my hand it didn't rub off even when i rubbed really hard with a tissue. And after wearing it on my lips and rubbing it off, you can still see a bit of the tint left behind! 

This tint is really different to the orange tint! The packaging as i mentioned above is transparent and you can see how much product you have left inside the container easily. Again it has a nail polish like brush to apply the product on the lips. This packaging is like a cute dupe of Benefits Benetint! I originally didn't plan to buy this colour because i'm not a real fan of the "bold red lips", i'm more into just a little bit of colour on my lips to balance out my eye makeup, but since the online store made a mistake, i tried it out! If you wear the full colour on your lips, it looks really red but if you use this tint to create a gradient lip effect, this colour is amazingly perfect! I wish i had a photo to show you! I will try and insert the demo photos as soon as the weather gets better! 

The consistency of this lip tint is really runny, like water and dries to your lips extremely quickly! Which is great so that it doesn't smudge and smear everywhere (which is probably the last thing you want to happen when you're wearing a really red lip tint). 


Packaging: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5
I love it! The packaging is just adorable! It's small, travel friendly and great for carrying in your bag for touch ups during the day! I really like how the words are written on the container and the heart just gives it such a girly touch! The packaging is also great because it's very secure and it ensures that no product will leak!! Who wouldn't give a 5/5 for the packaging?? Lioele did a good job ^_^ *Thumbs up* 

Price : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

I was originally going to buy this from Jolse, but I decided to get it from Rinishop instead because it was cheaper and I've bought lots of things from them before! If you are interested CLICK HERE! I bought it for around $7.50 AUD which is a really student friendly price ;P 

Product: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

This was my first lip tint ever and i'm really happy with the way they performed! They apply on really smoothly and lasts a long time without smudging or smearing. The colors are really gorgeous and it doesn't taste bitter like many other lip tint reviews that I've read online. I can't really describe the smell but it smelt good HAHA! I would totally give it a 5/5 if orange tint showed up more vibrantly as a orange colour! ^_^ 

My favourite is actually the Cherry tint because the colour is great for creating a gradient lip and it dries quicker. I love the orange tint too but i just wish that it would show up more on my lips ;( Maybe if you conceal your lips first it would show up more? I don't know! You guys should definitely try this line out and tell me how it goes ^_^  I still really want to try the pinky tint so i'll purchase that as soon as possible and post the review up once i've tried it!~ 

OH ALSO, this product is pretty awesome because you can use it as both a lip tint or a blush! Extremely travel friendly if you don't want to bring so much when you're on holidays or if you want a lighter makeup bag ^_^


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Because this lip tint is so amazing i decided to let one lucky person try ONE LIOELE POP TINT (COLOUR OF YOUR CHOICE) + you'll be receiving some small gifts along with the lip tint! Sorry i couldn't make it a big giveaway, but i'll be holding small giveaways every now and then! Hope you guys are happy with that :D 

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