[REVIEW + UPDATE] NEW Bubbi Eye Brushes + Face Brush Updates Pt. 2 ♥

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One of my first posts on my blog was the Bubbi Face Brushes Review and I've finally got around to writing the Eye Brushes review, so sorry for the long wait hehe :P And also because it's been so long since the last Bubbi Brush review, I've decided to do an update as well on the face brushes :) Also, i borrowed a camera off my sister so the photo quality will be a lot better than before ^_^

During these months, i've kind of abandoned the travel case that came with the brushes because i store my brushes in a container that i bought from Daiso a few weeks ago! However, if i ever do go on holidays, it would be a great way to protect the brush bristles. 

It only costed $2.80 and i think it's a quite pretty container! It's just big and long enough to hold the whole set of brushes ! 

Bubbi Eye Brushes Review ♥

The Eye brushes include: - 

  • Bubbi Eye Contour Brush
  • Bubbi Blending Brush
  • Bubbi Dual Eye Brush
  • Bubbi Detail Brush
  • Bubbi Smudger Brush
  • Bubbi Shader Brush

Bubbi Shader Brush ♥

This is the Bubbi Shader Brush. It costs $6.68 AUD if you buy it individually. On the website, it says that this brush is "Designed for precise shading and blending of powder & cream eyeshadow". It is one of the brushes in this kit which of natural fibres which means that it is a lot softer and gentle for the eyes. 

This brush is best for: 
  • Patting eyeshadow on the eyelid
What i think about this brush: 
  • This brush is very soft and really is gentle on the eyes
  • Great for picking up a lot of product and patting on the eyelids for even application
  • It says in the description that it's designed for blending, but i don't use it for that because there's a blending brush in the kit for a reason :P 
  • This is the brush that i probably use most often, so i do wash it alot.
  • Because it's made from natural fibres, it sheds a bit and if you use it a lot, it becomes a bit frayed, which you can kind of see in the picture. 

Bubbi Smudger Brush ♥

This is the Bubbi Smudger Brush. Again, it costs $6.68AUD if you decide to buy it individually. On the website, the decriptions say that this brush is "A short shader brush designed for a concentrated colour application and softening of pencil eyeliner." It is made of Synthetic materials! 

This Brush is best for:
  • Smudging out pencil liner to get a natural look
  • Applying eye shadows to the eyelids

What I think about this brush: 

  • I don't use this brush that often. I think since i've bought this brush set, i've only used it twice overall. 
  • It's designed to smudge out pencil liner but i only ever use liquid liner and that doesn't need much smudging, which is probably the reason why i don't use this brush much
  • I use this brush like the shader brush, which is to mainly pat eyeshadows on my eyelids for concentrated colour application
  • This brush doesn't shed so that's definitely great! 
  • Easy to use 
  • Cheap to buy individually 

Bubbi Detail Brush ♥

This is the Bubbi Detail Brush. It costs $5.01 AUD to buy it individually. On the website, it says that it's "A small rounded brush designed for precise smooth lines along the lash line". Again, it's made of Synthetic bristles. So it's cruelty free :)

This brush is best for: 
  • Apply Gel eyeliner for a natural thin application
  • Apply glitter or shimmer eyeshadows in the inner corner of the eyes 
What I think about this brush: 
  • This is one of my favourite brushes in the eyeshadow kit. 
  • It's unique and not many brushes out in the market look like this. The brush is so small and adorable! 
  • I usually like to use angled eyeliner brush to apply gel eyeliner but this brush is even better at doing the job because it applies a thinner and more precise line and much easier to control over an angled eyeliner brush. 
  • Also with a small brush tip, i can get closer to the lash line for a more natural look 
  • I also like to use this brush to apply a shimmery pink, gold or silver shadow in the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter 
  • This brush doesn't shed even though I've washed it a million times over ^_^

Bubbi Dual Eye Brush ♥

This is the Bubbi Dual Eyes Brush. This brush costs $8.36 AUD and on the website - the most expensive eye brush in the Bubbi Make Up Brush Line , the description states that "The upgraded & improved Dual Eyes Brush is designed to make eyeshadow application quick & effortless. The fluffy end is created for eyeshadow application & blending; the pencil end is designed for precise & concentrated eyeshadow application along lash line and eyelid. Designed to be a one-step brush for all your eyeshadow needs". The Bubbi Dual Eyes brush is made of Synthetic Materials. 

Therefore, the brush is best for: 
  • Fluffy End - Blending out harsh lines 
  • Pencil End - Apply precise eye shadow on the crease line
  • Pencil End -  Precise application of eye shadow on the lower and upper lash line and concentrated application on eyelids
What I think about this brush: 
  • People usually don't enjoy Dual ended brushes, but i think this brush is really handy because it's 2 in 1. I don't put eye shadow on that often so if i were to go travelling this would probably be the only brush that i would bring. 
  • The pencil end of this brush is amazing at applying precise eye shadow to the eyelid and on the crease line. 
  • As for the fluffy end, i enjoy using this brush to blend the harsh lines from my eye shadow rather than the actual blending brush that comes in the kit 
  • The fluffy end is so soft, extremely gentle for the eyes
  • It's easy to wash this brush, the colours come off easily.

Bubbi Blending Brush ♥ 

This is the Bubbi Blending Brush. It costs $5.85. The Website states that it is "A tapered eyeshadow brush designed for effortless blending of eyeshadow". The brush is made of Synthetic bristles. 

This brush is best for: - 
  • Blending out harsh lines (Obviously hehe) 
What I think of this brush: 
  • I don't really use this brush because as i mentioned before if i need a blending brush i enjoy the Dual ended brush more. This is because i personally think the dual eye brush does a better job than this brush 
  • The brush is not as gentle and as soft as the others
  • When i try to blend out eye shadow, it takes off half the eye shadow that i originally had on my eyelids rather than blending out the harsh lines which is really annoying - i don't know if it only happens to me though :\
  • This brush sheds, even though I've only use it once 

Bubbi Eye Contour Brush ♥

This is Bubbi Eye Contour Brush. It costs $6.68 AUD. The website says that this brush is "A soft angled flat top brush designed to contour and sculpt the eyes for a perfect eyeshadow application. Can be used to softly apply colour application and for effortless blending." This brush is the second eye brush that is made from natural fibres. 

This brush is best for: - 
  • Contouring the eyes
  • Blending Eyeshadow 
What I think about this brush 
  • To be honest, I've never used this brush before so i can't really say much about it. 
  • I don't see the use of this brush because it's so similar to the blending brush
  • I don't contour much so this brush really has no use to me 
  • However, this brush is great if you want to contour your face with a small brush because it's slanted so its designed for that purpose.

Bubbi Face Brush Updates! ♥

After using these face brushes for around a period of 3 months, I decided to update you guys on how the brushes are going and tell you which brushes I like and dislike after trialling it for longer! If you haven't already, you can read my first review about the Bubbi Face brushes HERE!

I still love using this brush because it's really soft! I use this brush about make once a week when I apply powder foundation if I haven't gotten around to wash my sculpting brush yet! It doesn't do the job as great as the sculpting brush because the buffer brush isn't a flat top brush so it doesn't pick up as much product, but I still like to use it every now and then. It doesn't shed at all even when I wash it every week which shows that it's great quality :)

I don't use this brush often because I don't usually set my face with powder as it's a bit too dry during Winter times and I stopped using this brush because it just takes too long to wash and too long to dry and I'm lazy so I turn to the other brushes for powder application! It still is very  soft though and hasn't shed much since the beginning!

After using the sculpting brush for 3 months I have confirmed my love for it! It's amazing because of the way the brush was designed! It's slanted so it's great at picking at products like powder for an even application but it's also great for cream blushes or bronzers because it's design is for contouring the face as well! I also like to use this brush when I apply my primer too because I like the feeling of the soft brush on my face hehe!  I nearly wash it every single day and it hasn't shed and still looks as good as new!

Bubbi Dome brush had been abandoned during these three months because it started shedding on the first week of use so I'm scared to use it incase all the bristles just fall out o.o

The HD Flawless brush is the brush which has probably made me change my opinion towards it the most! In my first review, I mentioned that I was dissapointed about this brush because it was so small but after using it through out these 3 months I realise how much I love this brush! I found out that it's amazing for applying BB cream because it's really dense so you only need very little product to go a long way! Also because the brush is so small it is able to reach areas around my nose that stippling brushes wouldn't usually be able to reach! It gives an overall very even application and I love using it for applying liquid foundation nowadays as well! The only bad thing I have to say about this brush is that it has shedded ALOT so in the above picture, it's actually a new brush because the old one's bristles kept falling off and sticking out everywhere which got annoying so be careful if you're gonna wash it everyday because it does shed a lot after using it for months!

I still love the Bubbi Dual Cover brush a lot!! It's still great at applying liquid foundation and BB cream on the face! It doesn't shed and so easy to wash because it's small and thin unlike the other face brushes which are big and dense which takes hours to dry! I don't use concealer so I don't use the other end much! I did use it a few times to apply my Ameli lip balm because I couldn't find a lip brush and it did a pretty good job hehe :P I think I've found a new use for concealer brushes ^_^

If you click on the picture above, it'll direct you to Bubzbeauty's online store! Definitely check it out ^_^

Overall, my top 3 favourite brushes from this kit would be: - 

  1. Bubbi Scuplting Brush
  2. Bubbi HD flawless brush
  3. Bubbi Dual Eyes Brush
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