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For today's post, I'm going to be talking about one of my new favourite foundations that I've tried recently! As you can see in title, it's called the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation & the Concealer as well from the same SuperStay Better Skin line. I know it's probably been out in the US for many months now, however, it is still considered as a relatively 'new' product in Australia so if you're interested in knowing my thoughts about this product, keep reading (warning - it's quite a long post hehe) ^_^~

I'm just going to talk a bit of backgound information about Maybelline's SuperStay Better skin line before I get into the review, in case you didn't know this information! So this new product line by Maybelline is called "Better Skin" because it contains Actyl-C in both the foundation and concealer. The Maybelline BB cream with salicylic acid already got me hooked and now a foundation and concealer with Actyl-C sounds too good to be true!! You're all probably wondering what the benefits of Actyl-C are but don't worry, I've got you covered! 

Actyl-C is a powerful vitamin derivate that leaves skin feeling energised, fresh, healthy and radiant by promoting skin regeneration, evening discolouration and brightening dull areas of the face! This foundation also claims to visibly improve the skin in 3 weeks including: 
  • Smoother skin 
  • More even skintone
  • Brightening of Dull Areas
  • Hydrated, supple complexion
When wearing foundation, the last thing anyone would want is clogged pores and breakout. So the idea that this product has skin benefiting properties makes it super appealing to me!! Sounds really good right?? 

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation ♥

Brand: Maybelline
Name: SuperStay Better Skin Foundation 
Price: $21.95 
Weight: 30mL
Shade: Golden 
Where to purchase: Priceline, Target, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, Kmart 
Description: "Meet our first longwear foundation with Actyl C formula that improves skin every minute you're in it. It does just offer immaculate all-day cover - it actually visibly improves the look of your skin as you wear it. The result? Skin that looks fresh, smooth, glowing, not just today, but tomorrow and beyond"  - Priceline 

So let's talk about packaging first. This foundation, like the Maybelline Fit me Foundation, is in a glass container so it's quite heavy and easily prone to breaking if you accidentally drop it on the floor. I usually prefer plastic packaging more because I'm pretty clumsy most of the time :P On the front of the bottle, Maybelline has really emphasised that this foundation is aimed at improving the skin and promises that it 'Evens Skin Tone instantly with Better Looking Skin in 3 weeks'. It has SPF14 and is aimed for normal skin. 

Currently at Priceline, there are 8 shades available for this Better Skin Foundation and the one I chose was Golden. I went for one that was a bit darker (because I'm a bit more tan now that the sun's finally out during spring ^_^) and more yellow toned because most of the foundations I currently own are very pink toned. 

Image is from Sharon The Makeup Artist 
If you've ever tried the Maybelline Fit Me foundation before, this SuperStay Better skin Foundation is a lot thicker in consistency and takes a bit longer to blend. This foundation has medium coverage and is able to cover my redness and evens out my skin tone, however, with one layer some of my acne is still visible. This foundation is buildable to a full coverage but i prefer only using one layer because it can feel a bit heavy if you use too much product. It leaves a semi matte finish so I like to use some of the Benefit's high beam with this foundation without setting it with powder. Even though Maybelline claims that this product is suitable for normal skin, I would say that it's more for oily skin tones. My acne medication causes the areas around my acne to be dry so when I use this foundation, it kind of clings onto those areas. I have to make sure that I moisturise thoroughly before using it around those areas. On the other hand, the areas around my nose and my t-zone which is usually super oily was noticeably less oily throughout the day after using this foundation so I'm super impressed with it's oil controlling ability! Because the foundation doesn't cause my skin to become oily, it doesn't transfer as easily during the which I like!! My mum was super impressed as well with the oily control and actually went to buy herself one of these foundations as well (but in a different shade^^) 

I haven't been using this foundation for 3 weeks yet but I have already noticed that my skin tone is noticeably more even and there's less red patches. My skin also feels slightly smoother. This foundation doesn't cause me to break out but doesn't help with acne either and I also don't feel my skin becoming more hydrated like it claims to. But overall, I'm really loving this foundation because of it's coverage and it's non transfer properties. I'd say that this foundation lasts for around 4-6 hours before I start losing coverage. It's a foundation that it very suitable for oily - normal skin but I really don't think I'd recommend this for dry skin because it has a tendency to cling to dry patches. 

Verdict ♥

Packaging:  ♥ ♥ 
 / 5 
I quite like the packaging, especially the blue colour scheme! However, I wish the packaging wasn't made out of glass because it's a bit heavy and not travel friendly. I'm also always paranoid that i'll drop it and break the glass haha >_<!

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
♥ / 5  
It's quite a reasonable price for a drugstore foundation compared to brands like L'oreal and Revlon. Also, Big W and Chemist Warehouse always have half price sales on Maybelline products so you can pick up this foundation for only $11 most of the times which is such a good price!!!

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
I've actually been looking for a foundation that can control my oily face for the longest time ever and I'm super glad that Maybelline has released this amazing foundation! I really love the foundation coverage, the finish and oil controlling powder. 

  • Has medium coverage - buildable to full coverage
  • Controls oil
  • Long lasting
  • Non Transfer
  • Improves skin texture and evens skintone
  • Affordable
  • Doesn't break me out 
  • Glass Packaging can be heavy and not travel friendly

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer ♥

Brand: Maybelline
Name: SuperStay Better Skin Concealer
Price: $14.95 
Weight: 11mL
Where to purchase: Priceline , Target, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, Kmart 
Description: "Meet our first lconcealer with Actyl C formula that improves skin every minute you're in it. It does just offer immaculate all-day cover - it actually visibly improves the look of your skin as you wear it. The result? Skin that looks fresh, smooth, glowing, not just today, but tomorrow and beyond. Every minute you're in it. "  - Priceline 

Ever since the discovery of the NARS creamy radiant concealer, I hadn't really bothered to look for another one!! However, since this concealer was part of the Better Skin line as well, I was really excited to try. I never really had problems with dark circles until recently due to stress and lack of sleep during the HSC period. And even after HSC, with plenty of sleep, they're still really visible so I've been needing a bit of extra help with coverage under the eyes lately. This concealer promises to give natural looking coverage and improve the skin. 

To be honest, I actually prefer concealers with applicators even though it's more unhygienic because it's a lot easier and doesn't get as messy. This Maybelline concealer comes in a squeezy tube and as you can see in the picture it gets messy and all over the lid if you don't clean it after every use. The concealer itself is very thin, light weight and easy to blend. I've tried using this under my eyes and a thin layer doesn't completely cover up the darkness around my eyes, but it brightens it up a bit. The coverage is light because I tried covering some acne hyperpigmentation with this concealer but it still showed through. If you pack on too much of this underneath the eyes, it can look a bit cakey.  It also only comes in two shades, light and medium. 

I know the foundation and concealer looks extremely dark but my face is currently really tan and I actually don't know why the back of my arm is extremely pale LOL! In real life and in pictures, it looks completely fine!

Here's what it looks like in photos (I'm the one on the far left). It looks pretty flawless on camera (except for the stubborn acne on the surface that is really hard to cover up ><). 

Verdict ♥

Packaging:  ♥ ♥ 
 / 5 
I like the packaging of this concealer because it's really small and extremely travel friendly. It's a squeezy tube so it's very hygienic however because I'm so used to using the NARS creamy concealer, I feel like this tube gets way too messy LOL 

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
♥ / 5  
Great price for the amount of product you're getting! And as I mentioned before, if you go at the right time, Chemist Warehouse usually has 50% off sales so you can pick up this concealer for $7-8! 

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
This concealer is really lightweight and thin in consistency so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a lot of product on the face, which is something I really like. However, it doesn't give enough coverage as I need, so it's more suitable for people who aren't looking for heavy duty concealers! 

  • Doesn't crease
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly Packaging 
  • Thin consistency 
  • Lightweight 
  • Lack of shade selection 
Hope you guys all enjoyed this post and props to you for getting to the end of the most lengthy post I've ever written on this blog!! >_<! I tried to make it as informative as possible so I really hope this is helpful if you're considering buying these two products! They are really worth it, and the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation is becoming one of my favourites as I've been constantly reaching for it these days although I still prefer my NARS creamy concealer over this Maybelline concealer because it has greater coverage. 

Feel free to leave me a comment below if you've ever tried this product before and don't forget to follow me on GFC and other social media platforms! (IG: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee)! Love you all :) 

*Nuffnang sent this product for me to review but all opinions are 100% honest :)

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