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I'm so happy to announce that a few weeks ago, Cosmetic-love chose me to be one of their October Beauty Bloggers and sent me a few products to review for you guys - thank you so much Cosmetic-Love for the Opportunity! If you didn't know, Cosmetic-Love is a Korean online beauty store that sells a wide range of beauty products at really affordable prices and they also offer free worldwide shipping! If you're considering buying Korean makeup, do check the website out! This Etude House Lock 'n Summer Precious Mineral Cushion is one of Etude House's latest products. I've heard so many people rave about cushion foundations and BB cream but have never tried them myself - so read on if you would like to know my thoughts on this product! :) 

Brand: Etude House
Name: Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion Foundation 
Price: $17.45
Weight: 15g
Shade: W13 Natural Beige
Where to purchase: Cosmetic-love
 Description: "This cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control and flawless coverage." - Cosmetic-Love

Etude House's Lock 'n Summer Collection was released earlier this year and because they're designed for Summer use, they are supposedly meant to be longer lasting, have greater oil control and has a lot of SPF - as you can see it's SPF50+/PA+++ (so you can be sure your face will be protected from the sun!!). Their Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion only comes in two shades : N02 Light Beige & W13 Natural Beige. I have no idea what Etude House was thinking when they were designing the shades because during summer don't people usually get tanner than usual?? Both of the shades are so LIGHT! I know these products are meant to be for Korean people who tend to have lighter skin but I wish they'd remember that they have International customers too T.T Anyways, after my rant, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that even Natural Beige is verrrry pale on my skin and I'm not even that seriously tanned D:

I've read a lot about foundation/BB cushions online but this is my first time owning one! The packaging is quite bulky and I know a lot of people complain and wish it was a bit more sleek so it's more travel friendly. However, I quite like the design, it's a bit retro and different to what typical Etude House products look like i.e. drowned in pink all over! (Well, technically the box is still very pink but the actual product is white and blue^^)  The white packaging looks very clean and I think it's really pretty!! Once you open it, there's a protective sticker that seals the cushion to protect it from being tampered with. 

Andddd when you peel of the sticker, Voila, a gorgeous cushion in front of you! I was pretty excited when I saw this and couldn't stop pressing it hehe ._. It's so cute and spongey - soaked with lots of foundation! A blue sponge comes with the foundation and it sits in the layer on top to keep it away from contamination. I usually like to use a foundation brush to apply my base products but it seems like using a sponge is the way to go with cushion products! This foundation provides light to medium coverage. It can be buildable to full coverage if you're desperate but may end up looking cakey. 

Another cool thing about this product is that it's refillable and all you have to do is push at the bottom to remove the case containing the cushion. Refills are available online or at Etude House stores and they cost a lot cheaper than repurchasing the whole thing! 

One thing I'm really loving about this foundation is that has really good oil control. Because this foundation is so light, I don't like to use it all over my face as I end up looking seriously pale. So what I like to do is to apply a thin layer of foundation (usually my Maybelline Fit Me foundation that isn't so great at oil control) and then dab this foundation in areas where I need oil control including the areas beside my nose and on my T-Zone. This gives the skin a more illuminated effect without making me look like a ghost lol! I don't think I would recommend this to people with dry skin because it can cling onto dry patches and it's more suitable for those who need help with oil control. 

Swatches ♥

This is what the sponge looks like when you press onto the cushion about two times. 

As you can tell, this foundation only has light coverage and isn't very good at covering up hyperpigmentation and acne. If you have problem skin like me, you'll probably need to use a concealer over acne or just avoid this foundation overall.

Verdict ♥

Packaging:  ♥ ♥ 
 / 5 
I think the packaging is really pretty and I love how you can easily pop out the old cushion and refill it. I also like how there's a little area to fit a sponge so you can bring this product on the go if you ever need to touch up. It is slightly bulky though! 

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
♥ / 5  
This foundation is pretty cheap, the price is very similar to your regular drugstore brands. And also compared to other foundation cushions by brands like Innisfree or Hera, this is like a bargain! 

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
I really like how this foundation has really good oil control and gives a dewy illuminating finish. However, what I don't like is that it's very light coverage and there's only two shades to choose from. 

  • Cheap
  • Easy application 
  • Gives dewy illuminating finish 
  • Good Oil control 
  • Packaging can be bulky 
  • Only comes in two shades - doesn't cater for darker skin tones 
  • Light Coverage
Hope this review was helpful for all of you guys! Overall, I would definitely recommend people with normal-oily skin and lighter skin tones to try out this foundation because it's really easy to apply and lasts very long with great oil controlling powers. People with dry skin will probably want to try something else because I think this will cling onto dry patches. It's also suitable for those who like dewy finishes but you can always set this with powder if you prefer matte appearances. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment below if this review was helpful for you and if you have tried any other bb/foundation cushions, please share with me down below! Until next Saturday, take care everyone!! 

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