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Now that Spring has finally arrived in Australia, it means that it's time to do some shaving after being lazy and covering it up for the past three months of winter. During summer, I generally like using an epilator to get rid of hair because I personally don't like shaving as I feel like the results are not as long lasting as epilating (which essentially removes the hair completely from the roots).

Brand: Phillips 
Name: Satinelle BRE640 Wet & Dry epilator
Price: $149.95 AUD
Weight: - 
Shade: -
Where to buy: The Shaver Shop
Description: The s-shaped handle helps steer all over the body. The widest head with ceramic discs epilate close to the skin to grasp even fine hairs for quick and long lasting results. Wet & Dry use with 5 accessories for personalised beauty routine.

Press this button to change the heads

The epilator that I'm reviewing today is the Phillips Sanitelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator that I believe is relatively new. The one I got comes with the Epilator body and 5 accessory interchangeable heads but there is also another set that comes with 8 heads if you need more variety. The first thing that I love about this epilator is the colour. Can we just stop for a minute and talk about how gorgeous that metallic lilac colour is?!?! It's so pretty I actually couldn't stop looking at it when I first received this product. This particular epilator has a unique S-shaped handle for better grip when epilating and also a wider 30mm head that makes it easier to get rid of hair within one stroke. This product is cordless so it's portable and you can use it wet (in the shower) or dry. My old epilator (which is also by Phillips) worked amazingly but I just didn't like how I was restricted because it was a plug in epilator with a cord so it was pretty inconvenient to move around and use it at different angles. So a big thumbs up to this epilator for being cordless (fun fact: you actually can't use it unless you unplug it!) :)

What does the box come with?
+ Epilator device 
+ Shaving Head and Trimming Comb 
+ Facial hair & Delicate Area Cap
+ Massage Cap
+ Small Carry bag
+ Charger 

How to Use

Before you use this, you need to make sure you fully charge the device (which takes around 90 minutes) and then you're good to go - the epilator will last up to 40 minutes before it needs recharging. It's super easy to use, you just attach the head that you want and press the button on the handle of the device and you're good to go. There's two speed settings, it is recommended that you turn it onto the second speed for the most optimal results (when you press the on button, it immediately goes to the second speed, you need to press it again to go to the first and more gentle speed). There's a light that turns on whilst you're using the epilator so that you can actually see the hair more clearly. The button at the back of the device allows you to detach the epilating head and change it to whichever one you need. After each use, turn the device upside down and run under cold water for 30 seconds. Then allow it to dry before storing it back into the bag. 


Now onto the actual performance of the epilator. The first time that I used this product, I was immediately wowed and quite shocked by how painless the process of epilating was. Usually, when I epilate my legs, it's a bit painful. However, when I used this device, I noticed that it was really gentle on the skin and it didn't even feel like I was epilating because it didn't hurt. It also picked out most of the hairs within one stroke. some areas required me to go over a second/third time but it didn't cause any pain or irritations. I'm actually super impressed with this epilator and it still wows me everytime I use it - i don't think i'll be going back to my old epilator (which was also by Phillips but this one is SO much better)

I also really enjoyed using the different accessories that came with this epilator especially the massaging cap that helps to ease the pain whilst you're epilating. It feels really good on the skin and helps to relax you a bit during this process of hair removal. It also comes with two Facial Area and Delicate area caps that you can attach on top of the epliator when you're epilating on your face/bikini area for more precision. But I don't really use these because I generally don't like to shave/epilate my facial hairs. Also, when I tried to epilate the hairs on my face, i feel like the caps were too thick and it created a barrier making it harder for the epilator to come in contact with my face. Overall, I prefer plucking because I have pretty sensitive skin so I try to keep devices like this off my face (and i feel like using this device was more time consuming anyway because it took some time for me to angle the device properly so that it came in contact with my face). However, if you usually do like to shave/epilate your facial hairs or bikini area (and know how to use it properly - unlike me -), these caps will become very useful. 



♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   / 5 
I absolutely love the metallic lilac colour of the epilating device. They also offer this epilator in a minty green metallic shade as well which is really beautiful too. It's also very sleek. It's easy to hold and move around. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
I wouldn't say this epilator is cheap but it is definitely worth the price because it comes with so many different accessories in the package. An epilator with five accessories is a pretty good deal for $149.95. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
The best thing about this epilator is how painless it makes the epilating process. It's really easy to use and gentle on the skin. 

- Gentle on the skin
- Makes the hair removal process easy and painless
- Wider epilating head makes it quicker to remove hair 
- Colour is gorgeous 
- Easy to store away and wash
- Quick charge
- Attatchable massaging head is really soothing on the skin
- Cordless
- Can use wet and dry 

- The facial/delicate area cap was hard to use and difficult to make the epilator come in contact with my skin.

Tips for Healthy Skin & Hair Removal
Sometimes epilating and taking care of your skin can really be a pain but with some of these tips, it might actually help make the whole process a lot easier :)
- Hair grows in multiple stages. Even though most of us want to get away with not epilating during the winter months, it is actually recommended that we allow time to use the epilator a few times before the warmer weather comes to ensure that you're completely hairless. 
- A lot of people opt for shaving because it's more painless than other forms of hair removal. However, hair actually grows back a lot faster when shaving because the hair is not completely removed from the roots. Waxing may sound good but if not done right, it can can go really wrong. On the other hand, epilating with the Phillips device is not painful, super easy to use and results will last longer. 
- Moisturising after epilating can help soothe the skin 
- If you haven't epilated in a really long time, it is recommended that you trim the hairs a bit before going in to epilate to reduce the pain! 

Other tips not related to hair removal but will keep your skin healthy and happy :)
- Turn down the temperature during showering because hot water can strip natural moisture from your skin making it dehydrated
- Make sure you always apply sunscreen to protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays 
- Exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate over time 

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Hope you enjoyed this super lengthy post and hope you guys learned more about this Phillips epilator. I've always been a huge fan of Phillips epilators so thank you so much to Phillips and Fleishman Hillard for sending me this product to trial - I have again fallen in love with another Phillips epilator! 

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Which method do you use for hair removal and what device would you recommend?
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* Epilator provided by FlelishmanHillard & Phillips for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest.

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