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Denim skirts have been the trend throughout this entire year in Sydney. I've seen people wearing denim skirts at uni all the time and I've always been in love with the look. I've been eyeing the denim skirts from Dotti since the beginning of the year but i felt like it wasn't worth $60 and so it was only until recently that I finally got my hands on this beauty for only $29.95 at DFO Sydney!! They had two shades of denim - light and dark. Originally I wanted the darker one but because i was at an outlet, they only had the light one left in my size but i went for it anyway! Keep reading this post if you'd like to see how I style the denim skirt :) 

Grey top from Valleygirl 
Light Denim Skirt from Dotti
White canvas shoes from Converse
Layered necklace from Glue 
Saffiano Satchel in Black by Michael Kors
Bracelet from Pandora 
Sunglasses from Portmans 

Now to be honest, this denim skirt is actually not the most comfy skirt you'll find because it's pretty stiff and when you sit down you need to be careful because it will ride up a bit so bec careful not to flash the world :P.

I think this denim skirt looks really good paired with this grey top though and the stripy cardigan is perfect for Sydney weather lately which never makes up it's mind whether it wants to be freezing or boiling hot! My sydney readers will feel <3 Layered necklaces are also really trendy these days and I bought my one from Glue on sale for only $11!! It's like a staple in my jewellery collection now and I love how it just makes all my plain tops look ten times better :) Lastly I wore this Michael Kors side bag that I recently purchased which is a perfect medium size that can actually fit a lot of things inside! It's made of really sturdy material and it's definitely worth the price!

I'm keeping this post nice and short this week because I need to hurry up and finish my 2000 word essay thats due soon (heheh sorry ♥ ) !! Super excited because there's only one more week until I've completed my first year of uni :))) Can't wait for my four month holiday break where you'll definitely see more posts coming~ Hope you guys have a fantastic week and don't forget to leave me a comment down below and follow me on GFC and social media platforms (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee

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